The ACTR Post-Secondary Russian Laureate Award

  • Not Given

The Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity Prize

  • Kathryn Marie Lebold
  • Alyssa Marie Whittington

The American Chemical Society Susquehanna Valley Section Award

  • Claire Marie Ouimet

The Herbert Goodman Barrows Prize

  • Emily Rose French

The William P. Boger Jr., M.D. Award

  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The Bucknell Prize for Women

  • Emily Rose French
  • Emma Foye Quinn
  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The University Prize for Men

  • Eric Matthew Arndts
  • Yifan Ge
  • Daniel James Haney
  • Trevor James Reitz
  • Nicholas Alexander Salvo

The Bucknell Prize in Animal Behavior

  • Katherine Marie Albertini

The Bucknell Prize in Anthropology

  • Michelle Elisabeth Hickey

The Bucknell Prize in Biomedical Engineering

  • Nicole Christine Diamantides
  • Taylor Jordan Zahn

The Bucknell Prize in Cell Biology/Biochemistry

  • Stefan Petrovic

The Bucknell Prize in Comparative Humanities

  • Kathryn Elizabeth Modugno
  • Thet Hein Tun

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Engineering

  • Jack Robert Hutton

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Science

  • Yifan Ge

The Bucknell Prize in Computer Science & Engineering

  • Steven Raymond Walker

The Bucknell Prize in East Asian Studies

  • Stephen Michael Bessasparis

The Bucknell Prize in Environmental Studies

  • Lauren Blyth DelloStritto
  • Tessa Nicole Torcivia

The Bucknell Prize in International Relations

  • Toni Marie Blanchard

The Bucknell Prize in Italian Studies

  • Katherine Marie Albertini
  • Joyce Murray Medeiros

The Bucknell Prize in Geography

  • Erin Davis Horleman
  • Steffany Jasper Meredyk

The Bucknell Prize in Music

  • Anissa Marie Corser

The Bucknell Prize in Neuroscience

  • Sarah Elizabeth Canfield
  • Sara Ellen Francomacaro

The Bucknell Prize in Psychology

  • Lindsay Ann Zajac

The Bucknell Prize in Religion

  • Jack Eagen McLinden

The Bucknell Prize in Sociology

  • Margaret Wilcox Hoerner

The Bucknell Prize in Women's & Gender Studies

  • Alyssa Irene Henningsen

The Bucknell University Prize in Art History

  • Sarah Brittany Battle

The Bucknell Women's & Gender Studies Feminist Impact Award

  • Bryell Allain Turner

The CBS/Sony Prize in Japanese Studies

  • Not Given

The Ernest and Josephine Christensen Award

  • Hunter Patrick McGrogan
  • Emily Michele Waksmunski

The Class of 1905 Art Prize

  • Not Given

The David R. Crossgrove Prize

  • Ralph Chester Otis V

The John R. Crossgrove Prize

  • Haley Rainier Thomas

The Walter M. and Florence K. Davis Prize

  • Jack Eagen McLinden

The Eleanor D. Decker Prize for Women

  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The Oliver J. Decker Prize

  • Emily Rose French
  • Emily Michele Waksmunski
  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The Delta Mu Delta Fraternity Prize

  • Eric Matthew Arndts

The William C. Gretzinger Prize

  • Amanda Elaine Ayers

The Barbara Watson Grever Prize

  • Thomas John Carle, Jr.

The Allan Gates Halline Prize in American Literature

  • Nicholas Alexander Salvo

The H. Boardman Hopper Prize

  • Amjad Khalil

The Professor George Allison Irland Prize

  • Yifan Ge

The Alvin F. Jackson Jr. '59 Memorial Scholar-Athlete Award

  • Joseph Michael Meyer
  • Emily Michele Waksmunski

The Jai B. Kim Prize in Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Emily Michele Waksmunski

Michael D. LaGrega Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering

  • Oswaldo Galicia

The Maria Leonard Senior Book Award

  • Emily Rose French
  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The Jeannine C. Liutkus Prize

  • Nicolle Jeannette Herzog
  • Monique Angelica McCants

The Charles Longley Prize in Political Science

  • Elizabeth Mae Kirshenbaum
  • Jennifer Susan Means

The John T. Lowry, Jr. Prize

  • Michael John Hayes

The W. Norwood Lowry Prize

  • Noah Brodzik Talisa

The José Martí Award

  • Gia Elaina Ciccolo
  • Sarah Marie Frank

The Dorothy Walls McCormick Prize

  • Myrna Goering Perkins

The Hugh F. McKeegan Prize

  • Jessica F. Kaledas

The Harold W. Miller Prize

  • Ginna Elizabeth Hasegawa Freehling
  • Laura Alison Snider

The Vivian Miller Prize in British and Irish Literature

  •  Elizabeth Catherine Walker

The J. William Moore Prize

  • Donna S. Morgan

The William H. and Carl W. Neff Prize

  • Matthew Joseph Mosquera

The Richard P. Nickelsen Prize

  • Stewart Charles Kabis

The Elizabeth M. Oliphant Prize

  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The J. Orin Oliphant Graduation Prize

  • Emily Rose French

The Pennsylvania Institute of CPA Award

  • Eric Matthew Arndts

The Phi Beta Kappa Award

  • Thomas John Carle Jr.
  • Stefan Petrovic

The Phi Sigma Biological Society Award

  • Vincent John Fasanello

The Pi Mu Epsilon Society Prize

  • Noah Brodzik Talisa
  • Christopher James Valente

The President's Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement

  • Emily Rose French
  • Kathryn Ellen Wilsterman

The Matthew B. Ridgway Jr. Award

  • Judy Anne Ramiro Romero

The Louis W. Robey Prize

  • Jack Eagen McLinden
  • Ana Gabriela Aguilera Silva
  • Kety Vanda Silva

The Walter H. Sauvain Prize

  • Lauren Elisabeth Stoddard

The Thelma Johnson Showalter Prize

  • Gia Elaina Ciccolo

The Robert E. Slonaker, Jr. Memorial Award

  • Luke Philip Webster

The C. Willard Smith Award

  • Emily Catherine Hooper
  • Madison Elizabeth Lane
  • Kaitlin Leigh Marsh

The Julia Fonville Smithson Memorial Prize

  • Not Given

The Helen E. Sprague Prize

  • Emily Ann Burnett
  • Sarah Marie Frank

The Susan Hensinger Thomas Prize

  • Alexis Mary Jane Leone

The Herbert Tustin Prize

  • Erika Janet Aldeborgh

The Anna Slifer Walls Prize

  • Not Given

The Dr. E. Slifer Walls Prize

  • Charles Louis Cole III

The Agnes Archer Warren Award

  • Margaret Adele Schneiderman

The W. Preston Warren Prize

  • Robert James Jablonski

The Samuel Lewis Ziegler Prize

  • Trevor James Reitz
  • Sarah Hill Schaefer
  • Lauren Elizabeth Sigler


See descriptions of these awards in the online course catalog.


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