On-Campus Summer Course

Past students recount their experiences in ILTM:

  • "The field trips offered us unique, enriching experiences and provide the opportunity to meet some special people. The classroom session covered a wide range of diverse but important areas. There is much to absorb, learn and take out of every speaker."
  • "The project experience provides so much value and learning opportunity for all of us. We really learn the importance of teamwork through the difficulty of aligning a team of seven with no single leader."
  • "The greatest strength of the program is the fact that we got to rub elbows with some important people. Being thrust into such an environment and exposed to people of that stature provides us witha sense of confidence."
  • "The collection of minds that gave lectures and had lunch with us, provided insight, opinions and knowledge that I firmly feel is invaluable. The opportunity to complete a consulting project for an actual corporation is critically important to our development because it was the area in which theory meets practice."
  • "The individual classroom sessions were so helpful. I loved being exposed to so many different ideas, and being in a classroom with the best professors and an incredibly intelligent set of students was simply amazing. The site visits were also crucial. I learned so much just by being in a different place and observing how business was conducted."
  • "I think all aspects of the program were integrated well into overall leadership development. There was noticeable correlation between sessions, classes and the projects. Guest speakers were the most exciting (for the most part) and the project really forced me to stretch my mental capacity and become innovative. Classes were valuable because there was a lot of material covered that I would have otherwise never been exposed to. Everything I learned in this program is going to be extremely valuable to me in the next two years and in my career."
  • "The program has helped to shape me as a person, both academically and socially. It has made me realize the importance of trust in a group setting as well as to make sure my ideas are heard... The greatest thing what I will take away from the ILTM is that I don’t have to know what I want to do with my life. If I follow my values and reach out to what I believe in, life willtake me down the right path."
  • "The program has changed my life and it will be an asset for me goinginto the future. The concepts that I learned cannot be acquired from class alone. I learned how to work with a team and more specifically how to deal with team chemistry. The most valuable lesson I learned is not to stick to one idea but explore many different options."
  • “The most valuable benefit of this program for me was the chance to be exposed to the real world in a way that would not be possible anywhere else. Looking back, it is amazing to me that we were able to talk to so many important and successful people and were able to see "behind the curtain" of so many interesting companies... There's not an internship on the planet that exposes you to what ILTM does.”
  • “I think the most valuable thing I will take away will not be the writing, presenting, or other types of skills, but an overall change in mindset. I think the program has made me see the importance of focus, dedication, and confidence.”
  • “In the most practical sense of what ILTM meant to me- is what it helped me to accomplish. ILTM gave me the chance to experience the New York Stock Exchange and JP Morgan's Trading Floor- and when I left those two places, I knew that was what I wanted to do when I graduated. ILTM exposed me to that industry, without which I never would have had the opportunity. Now, having interned at Lehman Brothers I will be returning there full time- none of which would have happened had it not been for my experiences with ILTM and the lessons that I learned there.”
  • "ILTM was not only a great learning experience, but also a great deal of fun. The speakers were interesting and engaging; the field trips were great; and the team projects were challenging, yet fun at the same time. I think what I loved most however, were the relationships that were developed between fellow students as well as between students and faculty members.”
  • “What I can say about the program today will be nothing compared to a year from now. When I get out in the real world, I will then realize truly how influential this class was.”
  • "I will take so much from this program, I don’t even think I’m aware of it myself. The program has covered so many areas that I can honestly say that it has improved me as a person as a whole. I feel truly privileged to have been in this program."
  • "I got a better look into the business world and into myself. This was definitely helped me to learn who I am and give some thought into the atmosphere I would like to work in. I have also learned that being a leader means listening as well as guiding."
  • "The program has definitely made me a well-rounded and better informed person and consumer, which will translate well into future classes. Havinga real-business situation such as this program will certainly be of value in the future."
  • "I would say the program most help me understand myself and my passions and priorities. Being an engineer, you don’t get to learn or see much outside the engineering discipline, and a lot of this stuff was eye-opening."
  • "The program has taught me a great deal about the business world that I wouldn’t have been able to receive anywhere else. I definitely know how to conduct myself during meetings and when encountering 'important people.' I learned a great deal about how I work in a team and how to deal with different personalities in a team in order to get things done."
  • "I think the program has been very valuable to my education in that it exposed me to many different future career paths. It was also amazing to be exposed to so many different leaders and CEOs and to hear their advice."
  • "I have had the opportunity to receive a valuable hands-on experience that I would not be able to get during my regular semester at Bucknell. I will take away a lot of teamwork skills that will aid me in my first internship experience."
  • "The most important aspect that I got out of this experience is that the chance to work with people from different behaviors. It provided me with the opportunity to understand people more and more. There were moments which you have to loosen up your personal ego and listen to critics and feedbacks from your peers, and even helped someone to raise up the work level for the sake of the entire group."

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