French students improve their career prospects in research and technological professions.

France is a leader in genetics, molecular biology, and high-energy physics; it is a world leader in modern telecommunications. French engineers invented fiber optics and HDTV and designed and built the world's fastest passenger plane and train. French is consistently the second or third most important language of the Internet.


France is the fifth largest economy in the world and plays a leading role in the world's largest market, the European Union.

Thousands of French companies have subsidiaries in the United States, and France is a major recipient of direct American investment. French-speaking countries and regions (Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Francophone Canada) are major trading partners for the United States. French multinational companies are leaders in aerospace (Airbus, EADS), construction (Bouygues), distribution (Carrefour), agribusiness (Yoplait, Danone), cosmetics (L'Oréal), luxury goods (LVMH), energy (Elf, Alsthom), pharmaceuticals (Sanofi-Aventis), advertising (Publicis), publishing (Hachette), etc..


By studying French, students learn the second international language; French also is the most widely taught second language.

French, with English, is the most important language of international organizations (UN, UNESCO, International Monetary Fund,World Health Organization). France has won more Nobel prizes in literature than any other country and is a leading center for research in the sciences and the humanities. It also is a leading producer of films in the world. Although American and French societies have much in common, French values and thought patterns are often distinctly different from ours, so that the study of these cultures opens up a new perspective on the world. Students increase their own sensitivity and awareness, discovering the truth in the saying "To know another language is to possess another soul."


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