What you can do NOW with a major in RELIGIOUS STUDIES?

1) You can study a variety of cultures.

Classes offered by the Bucknell Religious Studies Department cover cultures from Asia to America, and just about everything in between, including religious traditions in Japan, China, India, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

2) You can combine a variety of academic disciplines.

Anthropological, cultural, ethical, historical, literary, philosophical, political, sociological, and textual methods are all employed in the classes offered by the Department of Religious Studies.

3) You can gain important critical reasoning skills.

Religious Studies courses require that you ponder the biggest questions facing humanity: Where did we come from, where are we going, how do we get there, and how do we live with each other along the way? Students who major in Religious Studies pay careful attention to these and similar questions that require reflective and critical analysis about the way we understand ourselves, our communities, and the universe.

4) You can be equipped to participate in an increasingly diverse world.

International business, international relations, global communications, and a host of other fields all require an intimate understanding of regional customs and global patterns. A major in Religious Studies provides you with the history, politics, texts, traditions, and customs of diverse peoples, and introduces you to a variety of ways to think about the world.

What you can do LATER with a major in RELIGIOUS STUDIES?

1) You can get a job.

It's true! Over the past 10 years, majors in Religious Studies from Bucknell University have, within six months of graduation, landed jobs in such diverse fields as accounting, banking, business consulting, cartography, chemistry, education (two teaching in Japan, one with the Peace Corps), insurance, publishing, recreation, and retail.

2) You can go to graduate school.

And not just in religion. Over the past ten years, Bucknell Religious Studies majors have gone to law school (including Case Western Reserve, Fordham, George Washington, and Wake Forest), medical school (including Columbia and Wright State), as well as graduate programs in accounting (NYU), computer science (William & Mary), French (in Grenoble, France!), Hispanic civilizations (NYU), music (Wesleyan), peace studies (Iliff), physical therapy (Thomas Jefferson University), social work (UNC), and theater (Brown). Of course, majors in Religious Studies have also gone on to graduate studies in religion/theology, too (at such places as Chicago, Seton Hall, the University of Judaism, and Yale).


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