What is the campus like? What about the surrounding area?
How do I get to Bucknell?
How do I get around campus and the local area?
How will I get to know campus once I get there?
What's the weather like?
What are the residence halls like?
Where can I store my stuff?
What do I do during university breaks?
How do I send and receive letters and packages

What is the campus like? What about the surrounding area?

Bucknell's campus combines beautiful historic red brick buildings with modern facilities and green spaces. You'll have access to professional-grade instrumentation, advanced lab spaces, nearby field and internship sites, and state-of-the-art theatre and music facilities. It's truly an inspiring setting whether you're an aspiring writer, scientist, artist, entrepreneur, researcher, educator, humanitarian or engineer.

The town of Lewisburg, set along the Susquehanna River, has historical charm and just what you need including our Bucknell Barnes & Noble campus bookstore, shops, banks, restaurants, a movie theatre and other useful resources.

See Bucknell's campus.

See Lewisburg and the surrounding area.

How do I get to Bucknell?

You can take advantage of airport shuttles that go directly from your arrival airport to the center of campus,


  • At the beginning and end of each semester airport shuttles are available to/from Harrisburg (MDT), Williamsport (IPT), Philadelphia (PHL), Baltimore (BWI) and New York (JFK only).
  • During Thanksgiving break and Spring break, airport shuttles are available to/from Harrisburg (MDT), Williamsport (IPT), Philadelphia (PHL), and Baltimore (BWI).
  • You will need to register online in advance to take any shuttle and fees are charged to your student account.
  • Shuttles are also available for the Harrisburg train and bus stations. In addition, Susquehanna Trailways buses have daily routes to and from Lewisburg.

Read more about shuttle times and reservations.

How do I get around campus and the local area?

Walking is the easiest way to get around campus. We provide accessibility and transportation to those who need it. The town of Lewisburg is within walking distance of campus, and Bucknell shuttles run throughout the day so you can get to the shops, restaurants, banks, movie theatre, campus bookstore and anything else you need in town.

Transportation options include:

  • Student Transit provides daily shuttles each hour that stop at upper and lower parts of campus, the Barnes & Noble Bucknell University Bookstore in downtown Lewisburg and Walmart.
  • On the weekend Campus Activities and Programs runs a shuttle to the Susquehanna Valley Mall.
  • Zip car sharing program.
  • For health care appointments off-campus, you can schedule transportation through the Student Medical Transport Service (schedule at least 24 hours in advance)

How will I get to know campus once I get there?

New Student Orientation and International Student Orientation as well as our pre-orientation programs, Bucknell Wilderness Experience and Building on Foundations, will help you get used to college life, start your academic experience and make new friends.

What's the weather like?

The weather here is all about seasons! When you arrive in August, it will likely be warm, summer-like weather (mostly 70's and 80's), with both sun and rain. Throughout the semester, the weather (and leaves!) change to autumn, which is cool and crisp (mostly 50's and 60's) and then into winter, with colder temperatures and the possibility of snow (mostly 30's and 40's). Need Celsius conversions?

After winter break, which runs from mid-December to mid-January, there will be a few months of winter weather that includes snow that comes and goes depending on the year (mostly 20's and 30's) until spring arrives, everything blooms beautifully and layers are shed (mostly 50's and 60's). Our semester ends in early May.

What are the residence halls like?

You will live in one of six first-year residence halls. Most of these have double rooms (there are some singles and triples), so you will have a roommate. Housing offers detailed descriptions of first-year residence halls.

Within these halls, you will also have the option of choosing a first-year living and learning community called Residential Colleges. These allow you to live and take a class with students who have similar interests. Current Residential Colleges include: Arts, Discovery, Environmental, Global, Humanities, Languages & Cultures, Social Justice and Society & Technology.

Where can I store my stuff?

Housing Services provides storage free of charge to those students who live more than 300 miles from campus. Storage is located in the attic of Kress Hall, one of Bucknell's residences. No space is available for electronic/computer equipment or furniture. In addition, students share use of local storage facilities.

Read more about summer storage.

What do I do during University breaks?

Official University vacation periods include fall, winter and spring breaks. Most students leave campus during vacation periods, but if a you need to stay, the following applies:

During fall, Thanksgiving and spring breaks you must register with Housing Services to be able to stay on campus.

During winter break, students must vacate their residence halls within 24 hours of their last final examination or by the Friday after final exams, whichever comes first. Only students who have been approved for housing during this break will be permitted in the residence halls (sports teams, academic requirements, international students, etc.).

Dining Service has limited hours as posted.

How do I send and receive letters and packages?

There is a United States Post Office sub-station on the ground floor of the Elaine Langone Center (student center). Stamps, money orders, express mail, certified mail, registered mail, etc. are available there.

For incoming first year students, larger packages can arrive anytime after Wednesday, Aug. 1. Mail is delivered to the student mailroom located on the ground floor of the Elaine Langone Center.

All mail should be addressed as follows:

Student's full name (first and last)
Bucknell University
701 Moore Ave., C-#### (Number assigned at a later date)
Lewisburg, PA 17837

The -#### (number) that you will receive in a letter during the summer before arrival is a crucial part of the address, as is the "C" that precedes it. The C and the 4-digit number assure proper sorting and delivery through the U.S. Postal Service. Please do not use your residence hall name or room number. The 4-digit number that follows the "C" is your assigned mailbox number for your entire time at Bucknell.

Why Bucknell

global management, Tblisi, Georgia

Anna Astakhishvili '15

"My Bucknell experiences have led me to believe in my capability to build bridges and balance between modern economy, technology and the environment. In this globalized world, my education here will enable me to make a difference in the world."

On the global stage

creative writing and theatre, Atlanta, Ga.

Eliza Macdonald ’14

"One strength of Bucknell students is our desire to be involved, and I have certainly embraced that attitude. I'm a tour guide, I'm in an a cappella group, I write for hercampus.com, and I have acted in, and stage-managed for several theater productions."

Literature as catalyst

psychology and Spanish, Los Angeles, Ca.

Francisco “Pancho” Alvarez ‘15

"I applied for a service learning trip in the Dominican Republic called B.A.C.E.S (Bucknell Advancing Communities, Educating & Serving). It has been my best experience at Bucknell by far. I already knew that I wanted to be a doctor, so it was exciting for me to go there and understand the healthcare needs of people in other parts of the world."

The human side

Darwin, Australia

Claire Maree O’Bryan ’16

"I'm majoring in neuroscience. Prior to Bucknell, I never really approached science with major enthusiasm, but Bucknell has inspired a passion for neuroscience within me."

Dream chaser

civil engineering, Canoga Park, Ca.

Oswaldo Galicia ’14

"I wanted to go to a liberal arts university but one that offered engineering. Until I heard about Bucknell, I thought my only options were really big state schools that were good in engineering, but would not offer the environment and the individual attention that I wanted."

Activist engineer

music performance, Steamboat Springs, Co.

Anissa Corser ’14

"I visited twice and the contact I had with students helped convince me to attend Bucknell. I received a merit scholarship for music and an opera scholarship, and I became one of two freshman selected to be part of the Bucknell Opera Company."

Operatic Aspirations

Places I've Been

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