Catering Policies &  Guidelines

Room / Event Reservations:

Room reservations, audio-visual equipment and table set-up needs are handled through the Events Management, (570) 577.3167.   If the event is not affiliated with Bucknell University, please call (570) 577.3095.   Room reservations need to be made before contacting Bucknell University Dining.  Please inform the Events Management office of any room set-up needs such as tables, trash receptacles, etc.  Bucknell University Dining does not provide these items.  Please inform the Events Management office of any changes in counts, setup etc.

In order to plan and schedule properly, THE CATERING OFFICE MUST BE NOTIFIED A MINIMUM OF ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR EVENT.  If contact is less than one week, every attempt will be made to satisfy your needs for the event but menu selection or any special requests cannot be guaranteed.  If an event is booked one day or less prior to your event, an additional 15% will be added to the price and menu selections will be limited. Consult with the catering staff about any special needs, allowing adequate time for planning and preparation, for example, special linens, flowers, room configurations.  Please call to plan the food and service to fit the particular event.  The Catering Office, located on the second of the Elaine Langone Center, is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m.

NOTE: For University events, a budget number is required before on order can be processed.

Please complete the appropriate worksheet ("ELC Worksheet" for events held in the Elaine Langone Centeror "Delivery Worksheet" for pick-up orders and all events held outside of the Elaine Langone Center)  which can be sent via e-mail, or can be found on our web site: 

The entire catering guide and worksheets can be found on our website, along with instructions for completing the worksheet/contract.  Returning them to Bucknell University Dining via e-mail at or fax at (570) 577.1577.

Information that will be helpful in making your arrangements:

  • Theme or purpose for event.
  • Special layout needs (reserved seating, head tables, linen needs).
  • China or disposable table service.
  • Special diet considerations.
  • Floral, centerpiece and bar service needs.
  • Seasonal food availability.
  • Weather - is a rain site required?
  • Program details - awards ceremonies, speakers, etc.
  • Will alcohol be served?
  • Any VIP guests?

When making arrangements, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of your group/organization
  • Date/time (start and end) of event
  • Location
  • Number of guests
  • Your phone number and address
  • Budget parameters
  • Form of payment (i.e. university account number, direct billing, cash)
  • Style of service (i.e. served, buffet, carry out, delivery setup)
  • Name of contact person

After the arrangements have been made a copy of the event worksheet will be sent to you.  Once signed the event sheet is the contract, in most cases this will be an e-mail attachment using Microsoft Excel.  Please review it carefully and if everything is correct, print the form, sign and return it to the Catering Office at least 3 days prior to your event.  If the contract still requires changes please contact the catering office at 570.577.1869 or

Guest Count, Changes and Guarantee Policy:

When booking the event, the expected guest count, should be as accurate as possible.  This is the guarantee for the event and billing is based on this number unless the actual number is higher. Please call with the guaranteed number of guests at least 72 hours (3 business days) prior to the event.  If there are changes or alterations to the above contract, including count changes and times, we cannot honor faxed changes.  To make changes, please either email the attached contract back to or call us at extension 71869.  Bucknell University Catering will plan, bill and purchase food based on this number.   Adjusting the number may incur an additional charge if changes are made after the deadline.
Events cancelled within 24 hours of the event or numbers decreased by 25% or more within the 24 hour time-frame, will be charged for any specialty products purchased for that event.  Events not cancelled or numbers decreased in that time frame will be charged for any expenses incurred in preparation for the event.  Cancellations on the day of the event, or failure to cancel, will be billed the entire amount.  

Style of Service:


All courses are served at the table.  Depending on the number of guests at the event or time constraints, the salad and/or dessert courses may be preset on the table.  Pricing is based on single-menu entrée selection.  If 2 or 3 entrées are chosen, Bucknell University Dining requires a specific guest count for each entrée ordered 3 working days prior to the event.  If a breakdown of entrée choices is not available, we recommend you consider an entrée combination plate or additional charges may be incurred.


This style offers a variety of menu choices - not to exceed 3 main entrees (one to include vegetarian).  In the event of offering more than 2 entrée choice on your buffet, it will be priced at the highest entrée price with an additional 20% added to the total of your meal.  Quantities of food prepared will adequately serve the number of guaranteed guests.  This, however, does not imply all-you-care-to-eat.  Buffets services for a minimum of 15 guests will incur an additional charge of 5%.  

A buffet is suggested under the following circumstances:

  • Guests are arriving at different times
  • Physical layout of the room
  • Mixed crowd requiring a varied menu
  • Lack of proper facilities to serve formal style/ lack of attendants


All meal prices include attendants and culinary professionals appropriate for the guest count.  If an attendant is requested for an event not requiring normal wait staff service, $20.00 per hour, per attendant, will be charged.  Culinary Professional fees are $30.00 per hour.  Attendant/culinary fees include set up and clean up times.  Additional charges will be incurred if the event is held off-campus. 

Events held within the Elaine Langone Center will be provided with china unless, otherwise designated.  Events held outside the Elaine Langone Center will be provided with disposable ware.  All events scheduled outside of the Elaine Langone Center will be charged from $1.00 to $1.95 per person if china is desired.  Basic paper supplies are included with meals, receptions, meetings, etc. charged at a minimal cost.  Please contact the Catering office for the appropriate pricing 570.577.1869 or

Bucknell University Dining embraces a sustainable ideology, by offering an array of environmentally friendly serviceware.  Costs of these product lines fluctuate. Please discuss these products for the event with the Catering department. 


All buffet/food table linens will be included in the price of the event.  Tables using linen will be covered with a standard 85" x 85" ivory table cloth at a charge or $5.80 per table.  Other sizes and colors of linen may be ordered upon your request and will be charged accordingly.  


We reserve the right to adjust or change pricing based on location, seasonal availability and current market price of products found in this catering guide.  Once the contract is signed, the prices are guaranteed.  Sales tax will be added to the final bill for all non-university events unless proof of sales tax exemption is provided.  Please note that student organization events not funded by the university are subject to state sales tax.  Also, a 15% fee will be charged for non-university event. 

Carry Out Service:

Carry-Out Service can be arranged for items to be picked up at Bucknell University Dining.  The responsibility for the prompt return of any equipment, is the clients.  There will be additional charges for any equipment that is damaged or not returned within two business days.  Please note - Bucknell University Dining only loans or rents equipment and supplies when food is provided by Bucknell University Dining.

Delivery Drop-off:

Deliveries made on campus with no required setup, as well as no return pick-up or cleanup needed, will incur a delivery fee of $5.80.  Deliveries made on campus with required setup or a return pick-up or cleanup needed, will incur a pick-up fee of $11. This fee will be added to all orders outside of the Elaine Langone Center.  Delivery times are available between 7:00 am - 7:30 p.m.  Any delivery before or after these times will incur an additional charge depending on time, guest count, and location.  Drop-off service is not available if  the menu requires reusable equipment.

Delivery Setup / Pick-up:

For deliveries made on campus with a setup required, the room reservation must include a proper setup and cleanup time, which needs to be arranged with the Events Management office at the time the room reservation is being made.  Setup will occur at least 15 minutes before the event as long as proper arrangements have been made.  Delivery times are available from 7:00 am - 7:30 p.m.  Any delivery before or after these times will incur an additional charge dependent on time, guest count, and location.  Pricing includes pick-up of all equipment.

Delivery off campus:

A $26 delivery charge will be applied to all deliveries made off campus including Cowan deliveries.  Deliveries over 10 miles will incur additional charges such as mileage and labor and will be estimated when making delivery arrangements.  Available from 7:00 am - 7:30 p.m., any delivery before or after these times will incur an additional charge depending on time, guest count, and location.

University Catering Policy:University departments and student organizations are required to coordinate their on-campus catering needs with the Bucknell University Dining Service and are not authorized to contract directly with outside caterers.Donations of food from outside sources are prohibited.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (Department of Health) Policy States:"No food prepared in a private home or processed in a place other than a commercial food processing establishment shall be sold or used in the preparation of foods offered for sale, sold or given away."  Only food that is prepared in a licensed food service establishment may be served at catering events.
Due to insurance liability the University must prohibit student organizations from cooking for large groups of people.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy:

Any event where alcohol is to be served must be in full compliance with Bucknell University's Alcohol Policy.  University funded events must receive permission by the Dean of Students to have alcoholic beverages served, and must meet specific requirements.  A signed Alcohol Permission Form must be on file in Bucknell University Dining Services prior to your event.   Check with the Events Management office for this form and the policies and procedures you need to follow.  A copy of the alcohol policy is also available from that office.

State law does not permit Bucknell University to provide alcoholic beverages to non-university events.  However, non-university events receiving permission to have alcohol are required to use Bucknell University trained bartenders who are TIPS certified.  Non-university events must provide their own alcohol, and it must be removed once the event is over.



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