1. Why do I need to complete Off-Campus Living programming while I reside off-campus in the Lewisburg Borough?

Living off campus is a privilege and students residing in the Lewisburg environs are encouraged to be active and respectful neighbors.  Bucknell University has chosen to structure intentional opportunities for exposure and dialog.  Students granted off campus living permission will be required to be active within the Lewisburg community. 

2. How many programs do I need to attend to fulfill my requirements?

Each Bucknell student must attend 3 programs per academic year.

3. How many programs were offered last year to residents in order to complete their requirements?

Every year more than 50 programs, events or opportunities are offered.  Programs are offered on various days and times.

4. Where do I find a list of the available programs?

Off-campus students are advertised a number of ways including on the Programming and Events page as well as the Off-Campus Living InNetwork page

5. How do I register for a program?

See question # 4

6. Who do I contact if I have questions about attending programs?

Please contact housing@bucknell.edu

7. If I resided off campus last year, do I need to 3 more programs?

Each year a student resides off campus, they must attend 3 programs. If a student does not complete their programming requirements, their application for the following year may be denied.

8. I have questions about the application process to reside off campus, who do I contact?

Please contact Housing Services (housing@bucknell.edu)

9. How can I find out the number of programs I have attended?

Students can contact Housing Services (housing@bucknell.edu)


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