Each student is assigned to work three days per week in a community organization devoted to some aspect of the peace process, including conflict resolution, reconciliation, and the like. This work makes up the community-based learning component of the program, and is the major activity associated with GEOG/PSYC 330: Conflict and Peace in Northern Ireland.

The students are expected both to learn about the work of their organizations, and to do work that is of some benefit to the organization. These projects can take many forms, including the production of public artworks, consultation about organizational aims, projects, and technical needs, and multimedia productions, just to name a few.

Every effort is made to assign students to organizations that fit with their backgrounds, interests, and learning objectives. At the time you turn in your application materials, we also ask you to fill out a copy of the Placement Survey, and return it with your other application materials to Prof. Flack.

BUNI Community Placements from Past Years

This is a list of field placements Bucknell students have used for their community placements in Bucknell in Northern Ireland over the years. A short notation is given about the kind of organization and websites are provided when possible.

  • WAVE — Cross-community trauma treatment centre
  • Cunamh — Nationalist trauma treatment centre
  • CALMS — Community action for locally managed stress; provides calming support/therapies
  • Oakgrove Primary School (integrated) — Integrated elementary school.
  • St. Ann'e Primary School (Protestant/Fountain) — Unionist working class elementary school on the cityside of L’Derry
  • Long Tower Primary School (Catholic/Bogside) — Nationalist working class school
  • Derry City Community Relations Council — Peace work in city government
  • Derry City Mayor's Office — More general civic work in city government
  • Derry Journal — Major local nationalist newspaper
  • Irish St Comm Centre — Unionist community centre
  • PSNI — Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • Foyle Hospice — Cross-community charity
  • The Nerve Centre — Youth-oriented music and media center; very creative
  • Holywell Trust — Community organizing, peace oriented organization
  • The Junction — Linked to Holywell Trust, encompassing organization that runs community services
  • Sinn Fein — Republican political party
  • SDLP — Social and Democratic Labour Party; nationalist political party
  • Bogside Artists — Nationalist mural painters; relaxed, fun, disorganized placement
  • Verbal Arts Centre — Encourages writing, cross-community school programs
  • Pilot’s Row Community Center — Naitonalist community centre in the Bogside; arts oriented.
  • Stradreagh Hospital — Large hospitals dealing with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Foyle Health is the overseeing organization and it can provide broader placements
  • Gas Works Community Center — Nationalist community center; more central and sports activities oriented.
  • Shantallow Community Partnership — Nationalist working class neighborhood community center
  • Ebrington Trust — Unionist community center

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