Chemical Engineering: Associate Professor Gross will study STEM student motivation for learning with a recent NSF award (learn more)

College of Arts and Sciences: NSF awards Professor Shields, Professor Breyfogle, and Associate Professor Casteel funding to establish the Bucknell STEM Scholars Program with the goal of increasing the number of natural science, mathematics, and engineering majors at Bucknell (learn more)

Chemistry/Biology: Associate Professor Rovnyak, Professor Clapp, Associate Professor Pizzorno, Assistant Professor Selby, and Professor Strein explore molecular interactions and share a Major Research Instrumentation award from NSF (learn more)

Mathematics: Associate Professor Ryan receives an NSF award supporting his work with international collaborators in South America on modular forms (learn more)

Chemistry: NSF supports Professor Tillman's work on a novel synthesis and characterization of cyclic polymers (learn more)

Mechanical Engineering: Assistant Professor Brahma and Associate Professor Stryker receive an NSF Major Research Instrumentation award for their work characterizing automotive emissions in real time (learn more)

Engineering: Associate Professor Kim and Associate Professor Tranquillo will disseminate K-WIDE, an intensive ten-day multidisciplinary design/build experience (learn more)

Biology: NSF supports Associate Professor Stayton's study of the morphological diversity of turtle shells (learn more)

Chemistry: Professor Robert Stockland is funded by NSF to develop a new method to synthesize functionalized nucleosides, molecules with potential applications in medicine (learn more)

Mathematics: Associate Professor Brooksbank receives Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant (learn more)

Chemistry: NASA supports Associate Professor Castle's study of the Martian atmosphere (learn more)

Psychology: NSF supports Professor Halpern's collaborative research on models of vocal imitation (learn more)

Geology: Professor Daniel is funded by NSF to study sedimentation and tectonic settling in the western United States (lean more)

Geology: Professors Kochel and Trop and Assistant Professor Jacob investigate changes in glacial features in warming alpine environments with an award from NSF (learn more)

Chemistry: Associate Professor Rovnyak and Professor Strein share an NSF award to investigate bile salt aggregates (learn more)

Chemistry: Professor Shields receives funding from NSF to investigate the initial stages of secondary aerosol formation in the atmosphere (learn more)

Physics and Astronomy/Education: Associate Professor Ladd and Professor Nottis receive NSF funding to integrate data from the WorldWide Telescope into new curricular materials (learn more)

Mechanical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering: Professor Shooter and Associate Professors Kim and Tranquillo develop novel approaches to contextualize engineering design for Bucknell students with an award from NSF (learn more)

Chemistry: NSF funds Professor Clapp to characterize how Soybean lipoxygenase-1 binds its substrates (learn more)

Biology: Associate Professor Haussmann receives funding from NSF to investigate life history trade offs in Tree Swallows (learn more)

Physics and Astronomy: Professors Ligare and Solomon receive support from NSF for Bucknell to host a Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (learn more)

Diversity: Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS) awards two grants to support Bucknell campus diversity (learn more about "On Topic" awarded to Associate Professor Davis, Associate Professor Henry and Margret Cronin and "STEMWorks" awarded to Assistant Professor Black and Associate Professor Ryan)

Engineering/Education: NSF supports Associate Dean Vigeant, Professor Nottis, and Professor Prince in a collaborative project that will bring innovative educational techniques into the Engineering classroom (learn more)

Chemistry: Professor Shields' MERCURY Consortium receives an NSF grant (learn more)

East Asian Studies/Biology: The Japan Foundation awards a grant to Associate Professor Armstrong for studying sustainability, power, and culture in Japan (learn more)

Electrical Engineering: NSF supports Professors Nickel and Kozick as they create and integrate a multi-year curriculum centered on biometrics (learn more)


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