What To Expect

Challenge courses involve some strenuous physical activity. You will be confronted with task-oriented problems which require active participation from team members. Staff will provide instruction and supervision. You should be prepared by dressing appropriately. Footwear should consist of sneakers or lightweight hiking boots. Clothing should be loose fitting and non-constrictive. Jeans can be worn providing they are not too tight. For cooler weather, more than one layer of clothing will keep you warm. In damp weather, avoid wearing cotton in favor of wool or synthetics. A wind shell of some kind will afford excellent protection from wind chill.

Warm Days

  • Loose fitting clothes (long pants will provide better protection.)
  • Comfortable, closed-toed shoes like tennis shoes, light hiking boots. No sandals.
  • Wind shell or long-sleeve over shirt/sweater.

Cool Days (in addition to above items)

  • Heavy sweater, vest or jacket
  • Wool hat and gloves
  • Raingear (if necessary)

Here’s what to bring.....

  • Water bottle or cup
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Hat, baseball cap, etc. (helps to protect you from the sun.)
  • Necessary medications

What to watch out for.....

  • Poison Ivy – three pointed leaves that will leave you scratching.
  • Mosquitoes, yellow jackets, bees and snakes. Just keep your eyes open.

Avoid wearing jewelry that dangles (i.e. necklaces, chains, hoop earrings, etc.) and large rings. This type of jewelry can become entangled in equipment, resulting in damage to jewelry or equipment and/or injury to yourself. It is safer to leave all jewelry at home.

Bucknell University makes every effort to run all courses within a planned time frame. Emergencies, weather conditions, instructional problems, or any other circumstances that are not in Bucknell University’s control may delay time of activity. Bucknell University staff may cancel, postpone or move a course to another location due to inclement weather.

Come prepared to have a challenging, educational and fun day!!


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