Fall 2017

Bucknell’s efforts fuel prospects of recovery for an economically depressed region.  •  A literary legend pays tribute to his ‘eager teacher,’ John “Jack” Wheatcroft ’49.  •  In Tanzania, Alex Piel ’01 makes new discoveries about how primates communicate and survive.  •  Lady Gaga’s keyboardist, Brockett Parsons ’89, began scaling the musical heights while at Bucknell.  •  Q&A with Patrice Franko '80  •  Last Word: Mulling over 'the Murphy option' and other retirement scenarios

Summer 2017

An array of agri- and aquaculturists lead successful sustainable farm operations across the nation.  •  Follow the Bucknell wine trail on the East and West coasts and even abroad.  •  When it comes to dining, count on Lewisburg for a taste of other cultures.  •  Our readers tickle our palates with memories of “the cheese of the gods” and other delicacies.  •  Q&A with Raquel Alexander  •  Last Word: Balancing dual professions — engineering and athletics — was an ability developed at Bucknell

Spring 2017

Marijuana cultivation is growing into a big business that attracts an array of entrepreneurial Bucknellians.  •  In the rough and tumble world of the NBA, players look to Alison Hoover '07 to safeguard their smiles.  •  A groundbreaking dig in Thebes, Greece, led by Bucknell archaeologists, enters its final phase. •  Bucknell researchers make advances in biology and computer science, thanks to a big-data-driven growth in knowledge.  •  Health Services Become More Holistic  •  In Memoriam: John “Jack” Wheatcroft ’49  •  Q&A with Makoto Fujimura '83  •  Last Word: An Unlikely Digital Nomad

Winter 2017

Thirty years on, the Residential Colleges Program remains an influential and distinctive experience. Meet the program's architects and some of its outstanding graduates.  •  The buried history of Bucknellians involved in World War I is being revealed through an ongoing faculty and student research project — here and abroad.  •  The defending NCAA Division I champion men's basketball coach, Jay Wright '83, fosters the right attitude among his Villanova players. •  Psychologist Stephanie Carlson '91 reveals the keys to kids' impulse control and flexible thinking.  •  Last Word: What Life Brings You

Fall 2016

Though they chart different orbits in the national political theater, David Hawkings '82, Katie Malague '94 and Brad Walp '01 have a Washington, D.C., vantage point in common.   •   Student political leaders sound off about the presidential candidates.   •   Holly Hodges '10 helped put Shanghai Disneyland's futuristic new roller coaster on track.   •   Is religion still a driver in electoral outcomes? Though its influence is in decline overall, for some alumni, students, faculty and staff, faith is still a critical determinant in their voting behavior.   •   Last Word: A filmmaker's journey home to Nepal after the earthquake.

Summer 2016

Social entrepreneur Jessica Jackley '00 kicks off a new venture while balancing a busy family life.   •   Documentary filmmaker Richard Wormser ’55 focuses his lens on American Communists of yore.   •   Dwyer Haney ’10 engineers an eventful yearlong high-seas adventure aboard Rascal.   •   An eclectic treasure trove in Special Collections/University Archives makes Bucknell history tangible.   •   Last Word: Art therapy helps people with life changing illnesses muster inner strength.

Spring 2016

Bucknell stands tall among Division I schools. Here athletes find the right balance between academics and competitive play.  •  Adults find a creative, calming outlet in an activity that was formerly reserved for the nursery-school set.  •  A former president reflects on a momentous time in the University's history.  •  Prosecutor Patricia Wilson Smoot '85 works to eradicate entrenched racism in the criminal-justice system.  Last Word: From Bucknell to Breakfast Club

Winter 2016

Janet Woodcock '70 has gone from Bucknell cheerleader to leader of the FDA's effort to approve safe and effective prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  •  One of Bucknell's active elders closes in on 100, while another glimpses it in her rearview mirror.  •  Students and faculty make their dreams and ideas into real-world objects with 3-D printing technology.  • Generations of Bison are drawn to curling, a curious sport that features sweeping and stones.  •  Last Word: Discovering Our Palate

Fall 2015

As American soccer takes the world stage, Sunil Gulati '81 is one of its chief cheerleaders — but, as the longtime president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, he's also a major driver of its ascent.  •  The world's most massive musical instrument resides in Atlantic, N.J., and Billie Jane Boyer Maul '57 is toiling to ensure the magnificent beast will roar again in her hometown.  •  Family members of Peter Balakian '73 suffered during the Armenian genocide 100 years ago. He's on a mission to speak and write the truth.  •  The internationally acclaimed pianist and avid outdoorsman Barry Hannigan, the Ellen P. Williams Professor of Music, talks about his upcoming farewell concerts.  •  Becoming a pilot was not a pie-in- the-sky dream for Colin Hassell '15. He found his wings at Bucknell.

Summer 2015

In March, three students were expelled from Bucknell for making racist remarks on WVBU, the campus radio station. It was a tough moment in Bucknell history, but many in the University community hope to use it as a turning point to tackle discrimination on campus  •  At the end of 2014, Ebola rates in Liberia and other parts of West Africa were climbing, but by March 2015, Liberia had released its last known Ebola patient from a treatment center. The outbreak was brought under control with international assistance, including help from Col. Kimberly Parsons Daub ’89 and her troops.  •  Advertisements from the past gain new life with the help of Jay Paull ’92.  •  Michael Kalanty '74, director of the Bread Baking Program at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in San Francisco and a bakery product developer gives tips on baking the perfect loaf of bread.  •  Last Word: Professor John Wheatcroft '49 discusses his enlistment in the Navy, the battle of Okinawa, kamikaze pilots and coming home at war's end.

Spring 2015

Students at Bucknell today have some seriously cool classes from which to choose. An inside look at a few of the courses you just won’t find anywhere else. •  Justin Schwartz '04, a ride engineer at Universal Orlando, takes Bucknell Magazine behind the scenes of one of the park's latest additions: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. •  Biographer David Nasaw ’67 doesn’t just tell the stories of individuals, he tells the stories of entire eras — and the parts his subjects played in shaping them. • Debbie Juran '71, named by San Francisco Magazine as a 2014 Five Star Wealth Manager and one of the 10 most influential women in Silicon Valley, talks about investment strategies. • Last Word: What one photo can tell us about beginnings, legacies and all the promise that lies ahead by Richard Humphrey '74.

Winter 2015

Guy Williams '76 never doubted Detroit. The environmental activist has spent the last 20 years showing others the renewed promise of the Motor City.  •  Tom '74 and Carol Vitz Wells '74 have spent years making their dreams reality. Now they're making sure others have the same chance.  •  Since 2007, the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program has given high-achieving, low-to moderate-income community college students the opportunity to pursue their academic dreams. Meet the students, faculty and administrators who say this program enriches their lives — and Bucknell's campus.  •  Faculty fellowships do more than pay for research and equipment. They bring the brightest scholars to Bucknell — and help keep them here.  •  Arthur E. Brown'67, who recently was honored by election to Mastership of the American College of Physicians, is an infectious disease specialist and director of Employee Health & Wellness Services at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. We asked him about Ebola and controlling the spread of infectious diseases.  •  Last Word: As a student, Richard Wormser '55 paid little attention to the complicated world beyond campus. Since the 1960s, he has dedicated his career to making up for it.

Fall 2014

Two Bucknell students teamed up in Lewisburg to change lives 7,000 miles away. How Muyambi Muyambi ’12 and Molly Burke ’10 are helping the people of Uganda through a program that started on just two wheels.  •  As Rooke Chapel celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look back at the people who brought the chapel to life, those who keep it going and the nooks and crannies that make the building ours.  •  A Bucknell love story in illustrated letters.  •  Diane Chappell-Daly '72, recipient of the American Immigration Lawyers Association 2014 Pro Bono Award, weighs in on immigration law.  •  Last Word: A campus family only employees get to know.

Summer 2014

As a society we rely on technology and have come to expect instant access to information and communication. But is there a downside to being plugged in 24/7?  •  The anonymous nature of online chat often leads to downright nastiness with a fair dose of harassment and menace thrown in. A Bucknell student offers an antidote. •  Each day, 500 million photos are shared electronically around the world. Will the written word suffer? • Bill McCoy talks about his role as the director of the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer (LGBTQ) Resources. • Last Word: At Bucknell the doors are open to students long after they graduate.

Spring 2014

Professor of Art Rosalyn Richards discusses her life's work and more than three decades of teaching at Bucknell. • A group of Bucknell engineers is working to make driving and riding in cars a safer venture. • A first-hand report of an intense weekend retreat spent with Bucknell students and staff examining social movements and change. • The authors of Why Does College Cost So Much? help to demystify and depoliticize this hyper-charged topic. • Campaign gifts boost the College of Engineering. • Maureen Hickman Swanson '90 on common chemical exposure. • Last Word: A member of the 2005 Bison basketball team takes an iron look at the NCAA experience.

Winter 2014

Completing the admissions essay is required for college applicants, but it also provides an opportunity for personal reflection. Members of the Class of 2017 share with us the moments they chose to explore. • When the New York Yankees promoted Matt Daley '04 in September, the former Bison had no idea he would relieve one of the game's all-time greats on one of baseball's most memorable nights. • Bucknell faculty and students study the physical and sociological effects of gas hydrofracking in Pennsylvania communities. • Alice Brewen Acheson '58 discusses self-publishing and print-on-demand books.

Summer 2013

The Battle of Gettysburg began 150 years ago on July 5, mobilizing Bucknellians on and off the battlefield. Idealism thrives in the academy, but can someone like Dan Oates '77, who led the investigation of the Colorado shootings, remain idealistic? Meet the Tomeo family — three energetic sisters, two proud parents, one shared University. University launches a new major in environmental engineering. Bucknell has been giving students live theatre experience for more than 100 years. Students stage reading of staff member's musical. A father's legacy honors a son's memory and builds Bucknell's future. Dina El-Mogazi talks about Bucknell's effort to sustain its future Alumni Profiles of Andy Dzurinko '65, Phil Andrews '81, Gabrielle Skovira '10, and Nadia Sasso '11. Last Word: Spotty.

Spring 2013

Bucknellian Wong Chin Foo campaigned tirelessly for Chinese-American rights in the 19th century. A former diplomat discusses the ups and downs of Americans doing business in China. Political science professor Zhiqun Zhu discusses 10 Myths about modern China. Filmmaker Joe Xu '10 turns his camera to romance, love, dating and sex in 21st-century China. Historian uses geographers' tool to track the historical social and economic patterns in China. Stephen Appiah-Padi talks about study abroad at Bucknell. ENGR 290 gives students a better understanding of global issues through international travel. Hats off to first-generation faculty. Alumni Profiles of Lee Weingrad '66, Oliver Chen M'97, Bradley Feuling '03, and Li Wan '10. Last Word: Seeing Ningshan.

Winter 2013

While the traditional lecture still holds a respected place in academia, more and more often it is being supplanted by the collaborative classroom. The birth of the Sojka Psycho. Professor Claire Vaye Watkins talks about writing fiction. Led by two Bucknell classics professors, Bucknellians are making historical discoveries at an important archaeological site in Greece. Clinical psychologist and Provost Mick Smyer discusses the aftermath of disasters. Alumni Profiles of Carolyn Martin Argust '64, Vernese Edghill-Walden '87, Eric Belcher '91 and Rebecca Dykema Quinn '02. The Last Word: Newsweek's Most Beautiful Schools List. 

Fall 2012

As the campaign to raise half-a-billion dollars begins, the University focuses on six priority initiatives that will propel us forward. A point-by-point analysis of what is and what isn't true about Bucknell's financial security. Endowment 101. The ripple effect of scholarships. Rescue, Renewal and Possibility -- how donors have always been there not only to save the University but also to create new opportunities. Q&A with Carolyn Miles '83, P'14. Alumni Profiles of Mukundray Shah M'64, Kristina Murphy Leslie '86, and Jason Shade '95. The Last Word: Falling in Love with a Person, a Place.

Summer 2012

Bucknell biologist DeeAnn Reeder takes up the call to understand and treat white-nose syndrome, which has killed 7 million bats in just a few years. Multidisciplinary series explores the American origin story through Thomas Jefferson's relationship with Sally Hemings. Alumni and parent support of athletics facilities gives Bucknell a competitive edge. Q&A with Greg Schiano '88.Alumni profiles of Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead '69, P'01, Stuart Berger '81, Kerry Marks Hasenbalg '94, and Tim Hoffman '00, M'02. A fond farewell to retiring faculty members Abe Abrahamson, Owen Floody, and Genie Gerdes.

Spring 2012

Meet a group of recent graduates with opposing politics who manage to remain dedicated friends - and even roommates - in a contentious election year. On the eve of his 35-year Reunion, an alumnus remembers the drive along Route 45. Q&A: Doug Adams '88 A producer for the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams in Washington, D.C., focusing on elections and Capitol Hill, Adams talks about news journalism in an election year. The Class of 2012 rises to the Senior Gift Drive challenge. Alumni Profiles of Betty Stagg Nuovo '53, Bob Deissig '67 and Hiro Maeda '09. The Last Word: A Man for All Bucknell Seasons.

Winter 2012

Bucknell professors' love of the liberal arts expresses itself in and out of the classroom. Baseball legend Monte Irvin heads the lineup in Negro Leagues Baseball series. Bucknell alumna writes a tell-all book about Madison Avenue in the sexy '60s. Blake, Bucknell and the Bible. Annual Art Experience weekend introduces students to careers in the fine arts. The walls of Barbara and Richard Rothschild '78 hold an eclectic mix of art. Q&A with Felipe Perrone about the late Steve Jobs. Alumni Profiles of Carl Bennett '41, Bill Durland '53, and Kristin Ehrgood '92. The Last Word. A Bucknell Wedding in Retrospect.


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