System Setup:
Microscope, PCM2000 scanner module, PCM2000 controller, computer display monitors (2 units), air-cooled argon-ion laser, HeNe laser, z-axis drive motor and contoller.

Nikon Eclipse E800

Air-cooled argon-ion-laser system.  Spectra-Physics laser head 163-C02 laser power supply 263-C00, and remote controller 361C

HeNe laser system (543.5 nm) Uniphase laser head 1676

HeNe laser system (633 nm).  Uniphase laser head 1135

Fluorescence Observation: 
488 nm excitation + one-channel detection: FITC single-color staining
488 nm excitation + two-channel detection:  FITC + PI two-color staining
543 nm excitation + one-channel detection:  Rhodamine single-color staining, Texas red single color staining
633 nm excitation + one-channel detection:  CY5 single-color staining
488 nm + 543 nm simultaneous excitation + two-color channel detection:  FITC + Rhodamine two-color staining
488nm + 633 simultaneous excitation + two-channel detection:  FITC + CY5 two-color staining

Z-axis drive motor:
Minimum increment for movement: 0.1 micron

Galvano-mirror scanner with control (x-axis, y-xis).

ImageSize (at the primary image plane):
A rectangle inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 18 mm.

Optical Zoom:
Adjustable between 1x and 10x changeable every 0.1x.

Screen Size:
1280x1024, 640x512, 320x256.

Image Acquisition Mode:
X-Y scanning, X-t scanning, fast scanning (2x – 4x), slow scanning (1/2, ¼, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32), Preview mode, Integration function (between 1 and 255 changeable every one step).

Two photo multiplier tubes are mounted.

Protection against Excessive light:
If the light incident on channels 1 and/or 2 exceeds the specified limit, the alarm indicator lights on, and image acquisition is interrupted for PMT protection.

Power consumption:
Approximately 2500 W.

Display During Image Acquisition: 
Individual display for each channel: selectable from red, green, blue, red-green mixture, red-blue mixture,green-blue mixture, and monochrome.  Simultaneous display of two channels: red (channel 1), green (channel 2).


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