Vending Machine Motion Sensors 

VendingMiser™ motion sensors were installed on forty vending machines on campus in August 2011. The reduction in energy consumption is expected to save Bucknell 42,000 kWh per year ($4,200).

LED Lighting for the Academic All-Americans Wall

Installation of LED lights

Installation of energy-saving LED lights.

In May of 2013, 30 incandescent light bulbs (50 watts each) at the Academic All-Americans Wall in the KLARC were retrofitted to use LED lights (13 watts each).

Using LED lights as opposed to incandescent bulbs saves energy, reducing the demand for and consumption of fossil fuels, and with it the emission of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants. LEDs also have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, reducing the need for replacement parts and maintenance. All of these benefits save money and contribute to the economic sustainability of the University. || View the Project Proposal

Motion Sensor Lighting for Bucknell University

Zach Berliner '15 and Josh Berliner '15

Zach '15 and Josh Berliner '15 received funding for a lighting project that retrofitted existing lights with occupancy sensors.

Beginning in July 2013, existing light fixtures in select classrooms and other spaces throughout the campus were fitted with motion sensor lighting using occupancy sensors.

The main purpose of these modifications was to eliminate the unnecessary use of electricity when the rooms are unoccupied. This helps Bucknell to be more sustainable by reducing the University’s energy usage, saving the University money, and reducing Bucknell's carbon emissions and demand for fossil fuels. || View the Project Proposal


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