Muslim followers of Islam believe that Muhammad ibn Abdullah received the final message to humankind through the angel Gabriel. Muhammed was the last prophet, after Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, whose message is part of those given to the other three prophets by the Divine Being.

The Maghrebi script, cursive form of the Arabic alphabet, is closely related to the angular Kufic lettering developed in Maghreb [Morocco] and Spain [Andalusia]. The first copies of The Qur'an, Holy Book of Islam, were written in Kufic script.

Artifact:  Islamic Animal Occult Poem in Arabic (selected pages shown here), with Maghrebi script on paper; bound volume, 38 complete folios, with black and red lettering. The poem by Mohammed ibn Ahmad ibn Abdullah, known as Ibn Al-Hajal Kabin, contains ancient, secret mysteries; with talismans and topics of arcane knowledge, including numerology, birds, and the wind, circa mid-1600's CE.

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