Cara Fisher '01 (double major: economics and French)

Cara’s semester abroad in Tours really solidified her love of the French language and culture. After she graduated from Bucknell, she got a job teaching French in a local high school, filling in for a year while the tenured French teacher took a sabbatical. When her year was up, she went back to France and taught English for seven months in Charleville-Mezieres.

When she returned to the US, she decided to move to Seattle and took a job with the game company, Cranium. She worked on their international marketing team, and although she did not have many opportunities to use French, she was able to respond to French customer service emails when necessary. After working for Cranium for two years, her career path took a vastly different turn, and she decided to go to nursing school. After graduating from nursing school in August 2011, Cara spent a year working at a trauma hospital in Seattle and just recently took a job with a different hospital in the Critical Care Unit.

"Although I don't have many opportunities to speak French, I still love it and am always plotting ways to get back to France. I think studying French at Bucknell helped challenge me to really think about how other people in the world live and have an appreciation for other cultures and beliefs, which is of course very important in my current line of work. I am very grateful to have had the chance to study abroad with Bucknell en France…it was probably one of the best experiences of my life!"

Carey Barnes '79 (double major: French and Russian)

After graduating from Bucknell with a double major in French and Russian, Carey Barnes went on to earn a Masters degree in Russian as well as an MBA. She entered the work force in the high tech industry and spent over 20 years in high tech marketing, managing international sales and marketing business units and operations for high tech companies. Her foreign language ability opened up international marketing opportunities, including the opportunity to live and work in Europe for two years.

"My experience studying French (and Russian) at Bucknell were invaluable as credentials for international assignments. In reality, I never had to use them on a daily basis for my work. On a personal level, I continue to love foreign languages and keep up with my French through watching every French movie I can and am fortunate to have French friends that I can converse with. We also travel extensively and try to get to France as often as possible."

Carey now owns a small marketing services business with 27 employees. When evaluating candidates for positions in her company, she values those with liberal arts educations for their communications skills, creativity, and critical and lateral thinking.


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