Supervisor: Prof. Katherine McCoy

The concentration in legal studies requires 10 courses, no more than two of which may be at the 100 level in any department. The following courses are required:

  • Two sociology core courses: SOCI 208 Methods of Social Research and either SOCI 211 Classical Sociological Theory, or SOCI 212 Contemporary Sociological Theory. The department strongly recommends that core courses be taken as early as possible in a student’s career. Students should take at least one sociology course at the 100 or 200 level before taking SOCI 208 Methods of Social Research. SOCI 208 is not intended for first-year students or first-semester sophomores.

  • SOCI 123 Law and Society and SOCI 433 Seminar in Law and Society

  • A minimum of one and a maximum of three law-related courses in the department of sociology and anthropology. These courses include: ANTH 227 Witchcraft and Politics; SOCI 215 Human Service Systems; SOCI 234 Criminology; SOCI 239 Deviance and Identity; SOCI 250 Power and Control in Society; or SOCI 251 Violence and Society

  • One course in sociology or anthropology not related to law

  • A minimum of two and a maximum of four courses outside of sociology and anthropology that are related to law. Courses include: CLAS 250 Topics in Classics: Greek Law and Political Thought, ECON 330 Law and Economics; ENGL 460 Law and Literature, ENST 260 Environmental Law; ENST 265 Natural Resource Law; ENST 290 International Environmental Law, IREL 255/POLS 278 International Law; IREL 310 Human Rights, MGMT 220 Business Law I; PHIL 100 The Fields and Functions of Philosophy: Law, Morality, and Society; PHIL 103 Logic; PHIL 201 Symbolic Logic; PHIL 213 Ethics; PHIL 214 Social and Political Philosophy; PHIL 228 Contemporary Ethical Theory; PHIL 311 Ethics and The Natural World; POLS 240 The American Congress; POLS 244 American Judicial Policy Making; POLS 256 Topics in Social and Political Ethics; POLS 261 20th-century American Legal Thought; POLS 262 Topics in Legal Thought; POLS 290 Topics in Politics: Constitutional Law; POLS 380 Human Rights, RELI 125 Introduction to Ethics; RELI 220 Comparative Religious Ethics; RELI 226 Environmental Ethics; RELI 227 Bioethics: Issues in Ethics, Medicine, and the Life Sciences; RELI 280 Religion and Constitutional Law; RELI 310 Topics in Religion and Law; UNIV 228 Legal and Ethical Issues of the Press; or UNIV 285 Professional Ethics. Students may have courses not on this list counted towards the legal studies concentration with the approval of their faculty advisers, the concentration adviser, or the department chair.


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