Q: Who can use the Bucknell Alumni App?
A: The Bucknell University community can access this app. Information is secure and protected, and only the Bucknell community may access it.

Q: Which devices support the app?
A: The Bucknell Alumni App is currently available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices. For iOS, we support the 5 and higher operating systems. For Android we support back to OS 2.3.

Q: How do I get the Bucknell Alumni App on my mobile device?
A: Search for "Bucknell Alumni" in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app and opened it, you will be prompted to login.

Q: Is logging into the app easy?
A: Yes! Thanks to your feedback requesting an easy login feature (but secure of course). Please log in with your first and last name and your email address. If the email address matches what we have on file, you’ll receive an authentication message in your email inbox. Be sure to open the email you receive on the mobile device you used to download the app. Then click “Verify” and it will grant you access to the app.

Q: How do I customize my privacy settings or update my contact information?
A: If you choose to modify visibility of your personal information, please fill out the Bucknell Alumni App Opt-Out Form to make the request. Alumni who have previously elected not to be listed in the directory need not make a new request. Please contact the Bucknell Alumni Office at alumni@bucknell.edu or 570-577-3223 with questions.

Q: How do I search for people using the directory?
A: Type the name of the person you are seeking in the search box. If you are unsure of the spelling, you may type a few letters in the name, click “Search” and the app will pull a list of possible matches. You also have the option to search by class year by typing a year into the search box.

Q: How do I search for people nearby?
A: Click on the “Alumni Nearby” tab in the sidebar navigation. A map will appear with pushpins indicating people in your area. Clicking on one of the pushpins will open that individual’s listing in the directory. You may also click the icon in the top right corner of the map to view a list of people nearby. To search within the map feature, click on the search icon on the bottom of the map.

Are you traveling and looking to visit Bucknellians in other cities? You may search for users across the globe by entering any zip code, city, state or country, and the map feature will show you that location along with people in that part of the world. You can also click the filter icon on the map page to narrow your results.

Q: How do I connect using my LinkedIn and/or Facebook account?
A: The app allows you to connect and network with other people using LinkedIn. You can also connect using your Facebook account. When you first login to the app, you will be asked if you would like to connect via LinkedIn and/or Facebook. You may choose one or both, or neither. Once you are in the app, you can view information that Bucknellians have included in their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles along with the number of connections you have in common. Anything marked as private in Facebook or LinkedIn remains private. If you are not connected to that individual, you will not see his/her private information or feed, nor will he/she be able to view yours. Don’t forget to list “Bucknell University” in the education field in your LinkedIn profile, and be sure to join the Bucknell Alumni LinkedIn Group!

If you decide not to immediately connect your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, you may do so at anytime by going to Settings and clicking on Manage Accounts. Likewise, you may disconnect those accounts at any time.

Q: How do I update my contact information?
A: To update Bucknell with your new contact information, go to “My Profile” then click on “Update this Profile” at the bottom of your profile. Then, type in any updates you would like to make and click "Send." Bucknell will update the directory and contact you with any questions. You can also click “Update this Profile” in another Bucknellian’s profile. We appreciate these leads and will contact that individual inquiring about the update.

Q: Can I email or call another alum directly from the app?
A: Yes. From the “Directory” tab, click on the mail or phone icon at the top someone’s profile to email or call. Phone calls may only be made from devices with phone capability.

Have more questions? We are happy to help. Please contact the Bucknell Alumni Office at alumni@bucknell.edu or 570-577-3223.


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