Poor Waif 3


In white sheets fall
Is growing, I live
Near blondeness
Too rhythmic for a
Second-best hold
It annoys him very
Much to have to turn
Around to see what’s
Behind him, mewing
Point of a crescent
Moon hangs ambi-
Valence forever
Cow’s hopeful way
Blent seems like a
Ripped ridge where
Knowledge is pow
Seems like we hurt
Wanting it faces
The phone in red
Crosses by thresh-
Old felt a whole
Company that utters
A great shout and
See blend defined
One no saves stone
Roses calcifying n’
Shake and betray in-
Ducement, last week
You came here,
Smashed in cotton cage,
Said you were my
Love, I said I have
All this cusp






Note: Previous versions of the "Poor Waif" series have appeared in Well Greased Vol. II, Krispy Kremes.


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