Majored in: Religious Studies and East Asian Studies

Jasna Rodulfa Blemberg ‘12

Jasna Rodulfa Blemberg ‘12

Software Developer, Powertek

“Among the things that helped me become a better writer were the many papers I had to write and the arguments I had to decipher from the various philosophy and religion scholars I studied at Bucknell. I gradually made the connection that compelling thesis writing had logical arguments clearly stemming from valid premises and strong supporting evidence. This connection has made me a rare and valuable asset at the IT company for which I work as a programmer.

Becoming a programmer without any formal background in computer science is no easy task; however, my boss had faith in me when he hired me two years ago because he believed, just as Bucknell does, that liberal arts graduates, especially those with evident ambition, are critical thinkers and can learn almost anything.”

Majored in: Religious Studies and Psychology

Ashley Hammill ’09


Graduate student, University of New Hampshire speech-language pathology program

"In addition to learning about the diversity and complexities across many religions, I learned how the vast majority of so many religious ideas, beliefs and values sought to tackle the same overarching 'big' questions about the purpose and meaning of life. This holistic perspective encouraged me to not only seek out common ground with various types of clients in the corporate world, but also equipped me to think critically and creatively about my own purpose in life. Without having experienced such thought-provoking courses taught by exceptionally insightful and personable faculty, I am not quite sure where I would be today!"

Majored in: Religious Studies and Biology

Karan Shah ’10


Physician, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"During medical school, I think I was better able to handle the vast reading material because that was common in most of the religious study classes. Some of the classes contained centuries worth of historical information, and I learned early on how to effective organize and understand important information. Additionally, I think being a religion major helps me with my communication skills everyday. Understanding my patients' religious practices and beliefs is very important because it gives me an effective way to communicate sensitive issues everyday. To succeed in the multicultural world that we live in, it is extremely important to understand others perspective and being tolerant. My religion major has help me achieve that in life."

Majored in: Religious Studies and Political Science

Jennie Means ’14


Assistant, Public Affairs Practice, Public Affairs Council

"Religious studies at Bucknell taught me about the human experience and the desire within all of us to live meaningfully. And, in the best way possible, the study of religion forced me outside of my comfort zone and into the shoes and minds of people all around the world. I work in public affairs in Washington, D.C. and meet new people in the industry all the time. My religious studies major helps me to understand respect the diversity of beliefs and opinions of people with whom I come into contact every day."

Majored in: Religious Studies

Maggie Schneiderman ’14


M.A. student, University of Chicago Divinity School

"Studying religion at Bucknell allowed me to build a strong foundation for going on to a master's program at the University of Chicago this year. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop my interests so deeply while an undergraduate, with the guidance and encouragement of my professors. The department is committed to an approach to religious studies that is thoughtful and engaged at every level of discourse, and offers a variety of perspectives, theories, and methods to its students."


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