Hillary Dunn

Hillary Dunn ‘13

Math Major

I work for the General Services Administration; both the Federal Acquisition Service and the Public Building Service are part of this US Government Agency.

Without my math major I don’t think I would have this amazing job. A lot of the math I’ve done obtaining my degree was pretty theoretical, but I believe it’s helped me to be a harder worker and to be a more logical thinker. Knowing how to follow steps and work around obstacles is imperative in earning a math degree and these skills can be applied to my future job in finance. I know that any problem can be solved if one just thinks hard enough!


Nicole Falcaro

Nicole Falcaro ‘09

Math Major

I work as a Training Manager on the Data Operations team, a role I've recently shifted to from an Operations Analyst.

Mathematics helped get me where I am today not because of the statistics used for the data we collect, but because of the thought behind the methodology of surveys that collect the data. Since we have a team of 30 people collecting hundreds of unique metrics every day via surveys, the questions written in these surveys must be completely clear.

I'm also responsible for writing question scripts that we ask companies. Our questions have to test customer service just enough to gather relevant data, but they cannot be too difficult. Again, it sounds like English and writing, but it is Math!

Lastly, I use Mathematics, well, Excel, to view data and run Quality Assurance to make sure that no abnormal data is collected. If a mistake were made, it is my job to train the person collecting the data how to properly answer the question so the correct data is collected.


Areiel Kniss

Ariel Kniss ‘11

Math Major, Biology Minor

A mathematics major lays the foundation for a career of collaboration and unique discoveries. Most of the hottest scientific fields today are at the intersection of many distinct disciplines with the goal of using complementary approaches to understand a common phenomenon. The study of mathematics and logical rationale prepares students to grasp these different disciplines and communicate between them in an effective manner.

Working at the intersection of computational modeling and life sciences, I am able to garner different techniques, create a systematic approach to use them, and provide insight that is unique to my background and interests. An undergraduate education majoring in mathematics not only opens the door to a myriad of career opportunities, but also gives students the ability to carve out their own path and area of expertise.


Alex Pastena

Alex Pastena ’11

Math Major

I left NJIT with my master's in December and started working for a company in Madison, Wisconsin, called Epic. They are an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software company, which means that  they make the software that doctors and hospitals are using to care for patients. Their software is used to care for about 40% of Americans. The place has a very Google kind of feel, if that makes sense.

I'm going to be taking a lot of in-house programming courses in the next few weeks, but at the end of the day, I'll be doing a lot of creative problem solving. I think that's why this job seems to attract a lot of math majors and engineers.

I want to point out how much I appreciate the fact that this company values people with those backgrounds; I don't have much programming experience, but they recognize that my math background makes me versatile and capable, so they are willing to train me.


Toan Phan

Toan Phan ’06

Math Major, Studio Art Minor

1984: Born in Hanoi, Vietnam.

2002: Arrived in U.S.A.

2006: Graduated from Bucknell with major in math and minor in studio art. Entered Northwestern.

2009: Co-founded earth-team.org

2012: Got my PhD from Northwestern. Professor Martin Eichenbaum was my yoda (aka adviser).

July 2012: Joined the faculty at UNC Chapel Hill as Assistant Professor of Economics. 


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