Fitness is more than physical. Even more than emotional. When you’re financially fit, you have control of your spending and expenses. That means less stress, less worry and more assurance that you’ll be comfortable now and in the future.

Tips from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

For more information, visit the My Money section of the MyLifeValues EAP website. Tips there include:

  • Have a safety net of cash in the bank that will cover your expenses for six months to one year
  • Re-evaluate your expenses on a regular basis to make sure you’re putting enough into your emergency account
  • Pay off your credit cards in full every month
  • Put aside a set amount of money each month toward larger purchases you’re planning
  • If you get a raise, put some extra money into savings with each paycheck

You can also call the EAP at 1-866-252-4468 to speak to a financial adviser at no cost.

Webinars from our retirement plan provider

TIAA-CREF webinars are a great way to get advice on how to get and stay financially fit.

  • Inside Money Managing Income and Debt
  • Staying on Track in a Volatile Market
  • Ready, Set, Retire! Five to 10 Years Away from Retirement
  • Money Management Myths
    Part I -- Savings Myths (.mp3, 8 minutes 45 seconds)
    Part II -- Investment Myths (.mp3, 8 minutes 13 seconds)

Contact information for TIAA-CREF


TIAA CrefThe retirement program for all eligible University staff members is provided under a contract with the Teachers' Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF).

Even if you aren't participating in a TIAA-CREF retirement program, you can still benefit from the financial advice they offer to members of the Bucknell community.

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Smart Finances Planning Group

Your smart finances planning group is Zabrina Andres, Gretchen Corl, Sarah Kline, Chris Small, Gina Stockdale, Kelley Adams-Verge, and Cindy Bilger.

Kelley Adams-Verge, CEBS, CWPM

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