Meet Our 2014 Orientation Leaders

Jen Bush '15

Hinsdale, IL

My favorite Orientation memory was on the first day of classes, I remember wandering aimlessly around campus, terrified of all of the unfamiliar faces I saw around me. Suddenly, I heard someone scream "Jen!", and when I looked, it was my OA (a "cool" upperclassman) running towards me with open arms, unembarrassed to publicly acknowledge my existence.

Involvement - Management 101 Teacher's Assistant, Management 312 Teacher's Assistant (Spring 2013), Sorority member, Sorority Ritual Chair (2012-2013), Intramural Softball, Women's Varsity Tennis (2011-2013) Management 101 Teacher's Assistant, Management 312 Teacher's Assistant (Spring 2013), Sorority member, Sorority Ritual Chair (2012-2013), Intramural Softball, Women's Varsity Tennis (2011-2013).

Mary Elizabeth Colton '16
International Relations & French

Nashville, TN

My favorite Orientation memory is Candlelighting where the entire first-year class surrounds the Academic Quad and sings the Alma Mater by candlelight. I actually found it more emotional as an Orientation Assistant last fall, because I had already experienced a year at Bucknell, and it excited me that all of the first-years were just starting out on their journey and didn't yet know how wonderful their time here would be. I look forward to enjoying it again as an Orientation Leader.

Involvement - The Silhouettes (all-female a capella group), Membership Education Vice President for a sorority, Activities and Campus Events general member.

Kristin Cox '16

Neptune, NJ

As both a first-year and as an OA, my favorite Orientation memory is simply the campus climate throughout Orientation. I have never felt more at home and more in an open and welcoming environment than I do during Orientation.  The attitude of everyone involved fosters the feeling of being able to completely be yourself.

Involvement - Humanities Residential College alumna, Engineering and Innovations Affinity Program member, Sorority member.

Danarenae Donato '16
Art History & Classics

River Vale, NJ

My favorite part of Orientation is Maura Cullen’s diversity presentation. No matter how many times I listen to her I am captivated and inspired in a new way. She has an amazing and influential impact both during her presentation and after. Experiencing my favorite part of Orientation with my first-year hall created one of my most memorable times with my first-years. After the diversity discussion, we all talked about our own experiences in life and truly bonded. The acceptance, friendships, and bonds that are formed just around this one event during Orientation made me proud to be an OA, and it captures one amazing aspect and mission of Orientation.

Will Eichhorn '16
International Relations

Nottingham, MD

I will always remember my hall getting together on the first night of Orientation to watch Mulan. Eighteen of us packed ourselves into one cramped room and starting blasting "I'll Make a Man Out of You." I can't say that I have ever had an experience quite like it! We had only met each other 10 hours ago and suddenly we were comfortable enough to belt Disney songs together. Orientation just creates those bonds.

Involvement - Violinist in the Bucknell Orchestra, Orchestra Librarian, Meadow View Community Tutor.

JT Engels '15

Marlboro, NJ

My favorite memory from Orientation is "Ray for the Orange and the Blue" pep rally. I'd never had a pep rally in high school so this event was quite a grand spectacle to me. Seeing my entire first-year class come together and show that much school pride was a moment I will never forget. It was then during Orientation that I truly felt proud to be a Bucknellian!

Involvement - Interfraternity Council President, Management 101 Teaching Assistant, Fraternity member, Tour Guide, Commencement Ambassador.

Henry Gadsden '15
Economics & Math

Short Hills, NJ

My favorite memory from my first-year Orientation is the "Welcome to the Neighborhood" tour of downtown Lewisburg. Although Lewisburg is small, it is an amazing town that has a very special relationship with Bucknell. I loved being able to run around with my new hall-mates and explore everything that downtown Lewisburg has to offer. I had so much fun doing this, and I frequently visit many of the shops and restaurants that I was introduced to for the first time at this event.

Involvement - President and Captain of Bucknell Men's Club Squash Team, Fraternity Vice President of Finance, Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics Honor Society), Omicron Delta Kappa (National Leadership Honor Society)

Bryan Horowitz '16
Environmental Studies

Chappaqua, NY

My favorite orientation memory is "Ray for the Orange and the Blue". It was the first time my first-year hall really bonded with each other, and it demonstrated the school spirit and motivation of my entire class.

Involvement - Tour Guide, VP of Environmental Club, Fraternity member, Investment Club, Fundraising Committee for Relay for Life, Green Fund, Club Soccer.

Carolyn McPhee '15

Lagrangeville, NY

I always love "The Whip" during PlayFair. It gets everyone's energy up after a beautiful Matriculation ceremony and makes everyone excited to meet the rest of their class. I know I wasn't prepared to be pulled up and down the football field my first time, but I ended up having a blast.

Involvement - Sorority Chief Administrative Officer, Library Circulation Desk employee, Tutor for the Teaching and Learning Center. I'm also staying at Bucknell over the summer to do amphibian biology research with Dr. Takahashi.

Cheyenne Mendes '16
Sociology & Psychology

Brockton, MA

My favorite Orientation memory, both as a first-year student as an OA, is "Ray for the Orange and the Blue". There is something magical in the atmosphere when we bring together an entire class from all over the world to be united as one community here at Bucknell, as the Bucknellians they truly are. I love being able to look around and feel a sense of community, a home away from home, and be able to proudly sing the Bucknell cheer songs and have pride for my school on and outside the athletic fields.

Involvement - Reunion Ambassador, Katrina Recovery service trip, Disaster Relief Club, Organization of Hispanic and Latin American Students (O.H.L.A.S.), Tour Guide, Social Justice Residential College alumna, Sorority member, Clear Vision, Posse Leadership Scholar.

Molly Mulderrig '15
English & Literary Studies

Baltimore, MD

I really loved my first meeting with my hall. We played icebreakers and got to know each other before all the activities that Orientation has to offer,. I also really loved "Ray for the Orange and the Blue because it was a great introduction for the first-years to learn about Bucknell's school spirit.

Involvement - OL, Staff Writer for Her Campus, Sorority, Women's Club Volleyball.

Izzy Riccardi '16
Comparative Humanities & English

New York, NY

My favorite moment of Orientation, as a first-year student and as an OA, was Color Games. There is just something about it; running around a field with paint all over your body...its magic! You're getting more comfortable with your hall mates while also throwing paint on random people you'll see in class later. So many connections are being made on this day--with your class and your campus--but you're so happy you don't even realize it (or at least I didn't when I was a first-year). While the shirt and shorts you wear will never be the same, the memory will last a lifetime. I still have my first-year "Harris One" bandana that my OAs made for me, and I will cherish it forever.

Involvement - Sorority New Member Coordinator, Club Tennis, Activities and Campus Events (ACE) general member.

Taylor Schumann '15
Civil Engineering

West Hartford, CT

My favorite memory is the moment during PlayFair when everyone forms two lines to make a pathway for their peers to walk (or run) through. It is so special because the students and OAs are trying to get everyone through and organized, and you can just see everyone laughing and realizing that they can be themselves and let go of their inhibitions. As a first-year, I remember laughing while my arms were being pulled by two new friends on both sides. As, an OA, I was running around the two lines getting people pumped up for what was in store. Both memories are so dear to me, and I'll never forget those incredibly special moments.

Involvement - Beyond Unison (co-ed a cappella), Engineers for Sustainable Development (ESD - President), Rooke Chapel Choir, Sorority.

Brett Walter '15
Animal Behavior

Wexford, PA

Whenever I think back to my Orientation experience as a first year, I always remember the "Many Nations, One Bucknell" dinner. It's an event that encompasses exactly what I feel unifies our school; that no matter our background (cultural and beyond), we are all Bucknellians.

Involvement - Publioc Relations Chair of Fraternity, Student Helping Animals, Presidential Fellow, Assistant Orientation Coordinator, Tour Guide, Campus Vinyl Journalist.


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