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February 5, 2009: Last year’s Focus the Nation event brought together students, faculty, community members, and government officials in an effort to tackle the critical problem of climate change and catalyze change, beginning with our campus community.  After the success of last year’s Focus the Nation event, we were determined to continue to address the critical issue of global climate change and represent Bucknell as a globally responsible institution. 

This year was an even greater event engaging over a million people at more than 1,900 locations throughout the country, including colleges, universities, high schools, community centers and businesses.  With the support of the Bucknell President’s office and the coordination of the Bucknell Environmental Center, Focus the Nation 2009 culminated on February 5th with events including: an interdisciplinary symposium of faculty panels, a sustainability celebration in the Langone Center, and an evening keynote speaker. 

The event sought to concentrate the University’s attention on the issue of climate change, and encourage faculty, students and staff to fully engage and participate in the various activities throughout the day.  We are at a crucial moment in human history, decisions and legislation made in the United States over the next few years in relation to controlling greenhouse gas emissions and investing in renewable energy solutions will greatly impact, not only our lives, but future generations.  The first 100 days of the new administration represented an important time when an intergenerational movement of students and citizens was not only possible, but necessary, to force the administration to take action on climate change.

At Bucknell University we pride ourselves on the global awareness and moral self-awareness of our students.  Focus the Nation 2009 symbolized another opportunity in which students and faculty showed support of the Strategic Plan for Bucknell that declares, “Bucknell is and must be fully engaged with the events of our times in any part of the world as they are happening.”


Interdisciplinary Discussion Panels 

Participating groups and companies

Bucknell’s commitment to the environment

Faculty Participation

Sustainability Celebration in the Langone Center


Focus the Nation 2009 (national site)


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