Professor Strein has three areas of research involving students. The first two areas involve the use of capillary electrophoresis (CE), an efficient separate technique. Current CE work is aimed at one of two goals: (1) developing novel volume in-column reaction assays at the nanoliter level by electrophoretically mixing ionic reactant solutions, and concentrating or "stacking" the ion products that are generated, and (2) developing and understanding chiral CE-based separations that employ bile salts as the chiral selector. The second of these two involves collaborative NMR work with the Rovnyak group to look at both the structure of and the dynamic interactions involving bile salt micelles in aqueous solution.

A third area of interest involves the use of microvoltammetric electrodes. We aim to gain a fundamental understanding of electron transfer processes at small carbon fiber electrodes by studying the voltammetric response at ultrasmall (ca. 1-10 um diam.) probes before and after various electrode activation procedures. This type of carbon electrode is widely used by researchers who wish to examine brain chemistry; it is crucial to understand the interactions at the electrode surface. We have constructed a laser-activation setup and can perform both fast (>100V/S) and slow scan voltammetry before and after the activation procedures5. Students working on this project will learn to construct very small carbon electrodes, use computer-controlled microelectrode potentiostats to perform slow and/or fast scan voltammetry, and analyze the resulting electrochemical data.

Eckenroad, K.W.; Thompson, L.E.; Strein, T.G.; Rovnyak, D. "Proton NMR assignments for R,S-1,1-binapthyl (BN) and R,S-1,1-binaphthyl-2,2-diyl hydrogen phosphate (BNDHP) interacting with bile salt micelles" Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 45, 72-75, 2006.

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Farrell, P. C.; Kinley, P. R.; Weiss, D. J; Strein, T.G. "Using Ferrocenes to Assist in VoltammetricCharacterization of Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes after Electrochemical and Laser Activation" Electroanalysis, 15, 2003, 813-820.

Kochansky, C. J.; Koziol, S.; Strein, T. G. "The Jafee Method on a CE Column: EMMA for the Determination of Creatinine in Sera" Electrophoresis, 22, 2001, 2518-2525.

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