Why did you decide to come to the United States?

Because I came here a couple of times already, and I really liked it. It was just the normal continuation to come back. After spending one year in Europe, I just wanted to have a new experience and spend one year in the US

How is university life different in France as opposed to the United States?

I guess it’s different for me because of the campus. You live together all the time, and you have a social life way more active than in France. You get to spend a lot of time with your fellows, so it’s nice, I like it

Are there any similarities?

Between schools I guess, not really. It’s all different. I feel like you have more time here than in France and more pressure here than in France. It’s kind of reversed actually

Tell me about growing up in France.

The part I grew up in was very trusting because I lived in the countryside but was very close to a big city. I like the balance of having quiet space and busy space, especially when in school. I think I was lucky to live near Belgium because its 2 km from me. So I got to be in contact with two languages from when I was very young.

When did you start learning English?

I started like 8 years ago I think in middle school, but I never really got into it until I moved to the US for the first time, so 4 years ago. I was just very bad before.

Why did you come to the United States the first time?

I was working at a summer camp close to Seattle, and it was just lucky. I just found out my university was offering jobs for positions in the US, and I just applied and found out it was a summer camp

What do you like about the United States?

I like the culture, the fact that you can meet a lot of people from different places too, and it’s easy to get in touch with random people for different reasons. In France, people like having their own private space, but here people are willing to meet other people, especially when you’re a student. And the landscape is beautiful

Are there any American customs that you find strange?

Cinco de Mayo because it’s absolutely not American and St. Patrick’s day too. I mean all these cultural events that aren’t American, but American people love to celebrate

Is it difficult to speak English with other American students?

Well not anymore, but at the beginning yes, it was very difficult. People are not very caring and speak very fast. Now I really enjoy it because it’s very different to speak to someone from California or New Jersey or DC, so it’s a very big challenge to understand everyone, but I think it’s great

What is your major?

I graduated 2 years ago from history and international relations. I am now post grad for French as a foreign language degree to become a French teacher abroad.


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