BSME Mechanical Engineering

(for Class of 2015 and beyond)

First Year

1st Semester

ENGR 100 Exploring Engineering
MATH 201
Calculus I
PHYS 211 Classical/Modern Physics

2nd Semester

ENGR 214 Computational Analysis
ENGR 220 Statics
MATH 202 Calculus II
Elective (PHYS 212 recommended)
MECH 202 Graphics for Design

Second Year (Sophomore)

1st Semester

MECH 222 Intro. ME Lab Pract.
MECH 213 Thermodynamics I
MATH 211 Calculus III
Elective (CHEM 201/211 recommended)
ELEC 205 Elec. Engr. Fundamentals

2nd Semester

MECH 353 Solid Mechanics
MATH 212 Differential Equations
ENGR 240 Science of Materials
MECH 216§ Thermodynamics II

Third Year (Junior)

1st Semester

MECH 252 Dynamics
MECH 313 Fluid Dynamics
MECH 355§ Manufacturing Processes
Elective ________________
MECH 151# Machine Shop Pract.

2nd Semester

MECH 312 Heat Transfer
MECH 392 Mechanical Design
MECH 302§ Finite Element Analysis/Design
Elective ________________

Fourth Year (Senior)

1st Semester

MECH 401 Senior Design I
MECH 403 Thermal Design
Elective ________________
Elective ________________
Elective ________________

2nd Semester

MECH 402 Senior Design II
MECH 405 System Dynamics
Elective ________________
Elective ________________
Elective ________________


See (information for engineering students, College of Engineering) for elective distribution requirements.

§ Two of these three courses must be taken. One may be replaced by a second 400 level MECH elective for students wishing to have a concentration.

# Zero credit hands-on machine shop practice.



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