ALL undergraduate students are required to live on campus in a University-owned or controlled facility unless they apply properly and receive final written approval from Housing Services to reside off campus or commute from home (with a parent or guardian in residence). Non-traditional-age students may live in a home or privately-owned rental unit. Students who wish to apply to live off-campus must complete a five phase process.



Phase One of the application process consists of completing three elements in myBucknell: a brief application, a video and a waiver.

Rising seniors (students who will be seniors in 2015-16) will begin the process in October 2014. All submissions are date/time stamped and will be entered into a pool of applicants.

If the number of application requests exceed the quota to reside off-campus, a random lottery will be used to select the necessary number. Remaining students will be kept in this random number order for future consideration. There are NO guarantees that complete applications will receive final approval from Housing Services. **Please DO NOT SIGN A LEASE in advance of receiving final permission. If the target number is not reached, a second applicant pool will be created. In accordance with the published application calendar dates, rising seniors who missed the earlier process as well as subsequent class years will be eligible to submit their applications for consideration on a seniority basis.



The conduct record of each applicant is reviewed. Students with poor conduct records will be prevented from residing off-campus.

A second review of Greek-letter affiliation will identify eligible members. All alloted spaces for Greek letter organization house and suite spaces must be filled to capacity prior to any members receiving final approval to live off-campus. Final permission for Greek affiliated student is not likely to happen until early March.



Living off-campus is a privilege. Students residing in Lewisburg are encouraged to be active and respectful neighbors. The University has structured intentional opportunities for exposure and dialogue. Off-Campus students agree to participate in 3 sponsored programs or events per academic year.



Once the first three phases are completed, your application to live off-campus will be considered "complete". However, a complete application DOES NOT INDICATE APPROVAL. Do not sign a lease prior to receiving final written approval from housing services.

Housing Services will be in correspondence with you via email. Detailed information will be contained in the emails.

If you are granted initial permission to live off-campus, you must respond as outlined in the emails and by the deadlines given.



Below is sample content of a final written approval email that will be sent to students granted final approval to live off campus for the specified academic year. Within the body of the email are specific guidelines and requirements that are time sensitive with deadlines.

Dear «first» «last»,

This is your letter of approval - Housing Services needs your information / confirmation to finalize your approval (read below).

You have been approved to live off campus for the 2013-2014 academic year. In order to finalize this approval we need your local address as well as the names of your roommates. Please visit the link below and fill out the form:

If you have decided that you no longer wish to live off campus please let Housing Services know as soon as possible; on campus options will be limited. If you accept this offer you will forfeit your lottery number, and selected on campus room (if applicable). Failure to respond to this email may result in revocation of your approval, assignment to an on campus room and any applicable room charges.

Additional Important Information:

Please recognize that your approval to live off campus is a privilege which also carries responsibilities. Should any violations of student code of conduct or law be brought to the attention of the University you may be sanctioned according to the student handbook. In addition to any formal criminal sanction you may be liable for Bucknell sanctioning ranging from written warnings, fines, Bucknell or community service, probation, required return to campus, suspension or expulsion from the University.

We are confident that the majority of students safely and responsibly enjoy their off-campus experience and thus encourage active community engagement. Remember that you have agreed to participate in three (3) programs or events sponsored / endorsed by Housing Services throughout the academic year. For your convenience program offerings will be posted on the off-campus living website as well as sent to your email address.


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