The KEEN Winter Interdisciplinary Design Experience (K-WIDE) is a 1.5 week intensive program offered during January at Bucknell University. Interdisciplinary teams work for no credit or pay to imagine, prototype and pitch a device that will contribute to the solution of a wicked social problem.

Students from multiple disciplines work together on relevant, real-world problems and see connections between the various skill-sets provided by different disciplines. Students should expect growth in technical skills — fabrication, testing and validation, for example. Equally as important, students grapple with mindsets that will stretch them as designers, value creators and leaders. K-WIDE develops your marketable skills and may be a pathway to internships and summer research opportunities.

In their words:

“I learned that hands on experience is absolutely invaluable. Books are good, but they just can’t give you the lessons you learn from actually working on a project. ... I learned that it can be difficult working with people of different disciplines but that it is really really rewarding in the end. I also learned that the engineering design process isn't a perfect by the book system. It constantly changes and adapts to what you are working on and is much more work than I ever imagined.”


K-WIDE is as much an adventure for faculty as it is for students. Throughout the program we have developed a set of philosophies and methods that we feel facilitate growth in mindset and skill. We can work with you to develop a K-WIDE program at your institution according to your timeline, educational goals and types of students.

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Alumni and Industry Involvement

There are many ways for alumni and industry to get involved in K-WIDE. You may sponsor a team, act as an advisor to the program, attend the final pitches or be a guest speaker. Contact us for more information.


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