Faculty and staff who are interested in buying a laptop for personal home use are welcome to buy an Apple or a Lenovo with discounted pricing. Depending on which operating system you prefer, the program works in different ways.

Note: For our purposes, 'personal home use' means 'you're paying for it' as opposed to Bucknell paying for it - if Bucknell is paying for this through a Bucknell account, including grant funds, you must purchase whatever computer you're using through L&IT. It doesn't matter if you do Bucknell work on this computer - we consider it a personal computer if you buy it!


If you're interested in buying a Mac, you can go directly to the Bucknell Apple Education Store and follow the links to buy whatever model Apple offers. The education discounts apply to their entire lineup, so it doesn't matter if you're interested in a laptop or desktop - you're welcome to buy whatever computer you'd like.For support purposes (more information regarding support is listed below), be advised that any MacBook Air or retina-display MacBook Pro will need to go directly to Apple for any repairs or service.


We have a new site for alums and faculty/staff personal purchases - Lenovo.com/BucknellLaptopThis page allows alums and faculty/staff to take advantage of the aggressive pricing that Lenovo offers for our laptop program with a couple of important caveats;

  1. The outstanding pricing is limited to the specific models that we have available (not the entire Lenovo lineup);
  2. The models have the standard Lenovo image.
  3. The models are very customizable if you want to change the processor, memory, hard drive, etc.

This year, we have several available through our program. All models include 3 year Accidental Damage warranty protection. While you can buy all the other laptops and desktops that Lenovo offers through this site, the pricing is no different from the standard Lenovo site, so if you're not interested in buying one of the machines that are specifically part of the program, your best bet is simply to go to www.lenovo.com and look for deals and specials. 

Support for Faculty and Staff Laptops

NOTE: Faculty/Staff purchases through our programs with Apple and Lenovo are covered for support only during the summer months. We do not service personal computers for faculty/staff during the academic year, but the warranty coverage is not a Bucknell warranty - it is a Lenovo or Apple warranty, so if you have any sort of issue or concern, you can call them directly.

Local Computer Service Providers

We provide a list of local computer service providers for your convenience; we do not recommend any one in particular. Please feel free to contact these businesses and determine which will best meet your needs. Some vendors may offer discounts to Bucknell University students or staff, so that may be worth inquiring about when researching a potential service provider.Talk to UsIf you have any questions about a purchase through our program, we strongly recommend that you contact the Tech Desk before you make your purchase! (570.577.7777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu)


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