Library & Information Technology sponsored a Student Scholarship Reception during the 2010 Commencement Weekend on Saturday, May 22, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., in the Bertrand Library Café Seating (main level/rear area). This reception was held to recognize Bucknell master's and honor's graduates who have completed theses.


Animal Behavior
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Comparative Humanities



Electrical Engineering
Environmental Studies
Mechanical Engineering

Political Science

Animal Behavior

Sean Coyne - Honors in Animal Behavior
Audience Effects in Cognitive Task Performance in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella)


Lauren Emerson - Honors in Anthropology
Expanding Women's Worlds?: "Development," Gender, and Environment in Rural Morocco


Cierra Danko - Honors in Biology
Subcellular Localization of the Non-Structural Proteins 3C and 3CD of the Honeybee Virus Deformed Wing Virus

Karan Shah - Honors in Biology
Localization of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) in the Brains of Apis mellifera (European Honey Bees)

Joseph Donohoe - Master of Science in Biology
Spatial Learning and Stress Response of Male Rats Prenatally Exposed to Dexamethasone

Rahul Vijay - Master of Science in Biology
Effects of Prenatal Dexamethasone on Hippocampal Serotonin 1A Receptors in Adult Male Rats

Biomedical Engineering

Samantha Clark - Honors in Biomedical Engineering
Investigation of Intraocular Pressure as a Predictor of Traumatic Eye Injuries


Sarah Schubert - Honors in Chemistry
Maximizing Product Formation and Minimizing Degradation: A Look at Buffering Conditions and Post-Reaction Degradation for the In-Line Jaffe Reaction with Capillary Electrophoresis

Chemical Engineering

Marc Henry - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Solid-State Compatibilization of Immiscible Polymer Blends: Cryogenic Milling and Solid-State Shear Pulverization

Andrew Litzenberger - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
A Microfluidic Method to Measure Diffusion in Hydrogels

David Marchese - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Investigation of Aerosol Properties Using Environmental Atomic Force Microscopy

Brandon Smith - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes with High Conductivity and Enhanced Redox Stability

Renee Perry - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Continuous Formation and Separation of Calcium-Alginate Capsules Containing Viable Mammalian Cells in Microfluidic Devices

Joseph Russell - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
A General Approach towards the Synthesis of Amido-Functionalized Biodegradable Polyesters

Jeffrey Stein - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Awaiting Title Submission

Civil Engineering

Robert Firman - Honors in Civil Engineering
Investigating the Effects of Various Crowd Characteristics on the Dynamic Properties of an Occupied Structure

Dale Statler - Honors in Civil Engineering
Using the Natural Period of a Structure as an Indicator of the Significance of Second-Order Effects

Seungcheol Yeom - Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Hydraulic Sustainability of Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls Subjected to Cyclic Wetting and Drying

Comparative Humanities

Caroline Benton - Honors in Comparative Humanities
"The Nightmare of Actual Identity": Franco-Algerian Literature after Liberation


Allison Janda - Honors in Economics
Impact of Various Insurance Types on Level and Appropriateness of Health Care Consumption

Tisorn Songsermsawas - Honors in Economics
Income, Trade and Pollution in Central Asia, Russia and China: An Econometric Analysis


Alexandra Troxell - Honors in Education
Campus Architecture and Student Culture in American Higher Education

Melissa Bostwick - Master of Science in Education
The Relationship Between the Valence of Self-Talk Statements and Social Anxiety: An Analysis of Gender and Athletic Status

Electrical Engineering

Carson Dunbar - Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
FPGA Based Design for Accelerated Fault -Testing of Integrated Circuits

Himadri Mukhopadhyay - Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
The Resonate-and-Fire Neuron: Time Dependent and Frequently Selective Neurons in Neural Networks


Rachel Burris - Honors in English
Al Cheit

Andrew Cusick - Honors in English
Awaiting Title Submission

Stephanie Quinn - Honors in English
Awaiting Title Submission

Christine Reilly - Honors in English
The Blue Of

Wendy Wallace - Honors in English

Cara Maria Cambardella - Master of Arts in English
She, With a Warm Palm, the Skin Over My Spine

Courtney Firman - Master of Arts in English
Fantasy Making the Invisible Visible: Liminality in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and American Gods

Patrick Henry - Master of Arts in English
Goodnight, Elisabeth: Stories

Caitlin Mawhinney - Master of Arts in English
Psychological Real Estate: Fractured Female Identity in the Victorian Novel

Belinda Peterson - Master of Arts in English
Wom(b)anism: Reading Relationships Between the Community and the Womb in Sankofa, The Women of Brewster Place, and Corregidora

Elizabeth Walpole - Master of Arts in English
"Something is Missing from 124": Confronting Postmodern Absences in Toni Morrison's Beloved

Environmental Studies

Molly Burke - Honors in Environmental Studies
Agricultural Policymaking: Interest Groups and Access to Governmental Officials


Eric Lynch - Honors in Geology
Characterization of vascular cavity coatings and microscopic tube-shaped structures from Upper Cretaceous dinosaur bone: evidence of a bacterial origin for dinosaur "blood vessels"

Molly Pritz - Honors in Geology
Geochemical Modeling and Analysis of the Frac Water Used in the Hydraulic Fracturing of the Marcellus Formation, Pennsylvania

Anne Strader - Honors in Geology
Geophysical Analysis of Seasonal Montandon Gravel Ridge Water Table Fluctuation and Moisture Gradient Variation due to Storm Events


Joel Jones - Honors in History
Surviving the Holocaust: A Life History Study

Timothy Kahn - Honors in History
Public Monuments and the Development of Siamese Nationalism, 1908-1945

Brett Reilly - Honors in History
From "Unsuitable Ally" to Vital Parter: The Case of US-Korean Relations and The Vietnam War, 1954-1966

Fenna Wächter - Honors in History
Tarnishing the Golden Stool


Lee Markison - Honors in Management
A Dynamic Approach to Stakeholder Theory: A Case Study of Labor-Management Relations at General Motors


Dennis Fillebrown - Honors in Mathematics
The Fundamental Gap For Hyperbolic Triangles

Aaron Meyers - Honors in Mathematics
Awaiting Title Submission

Mechanical Engineering

Susan Barnes - Honors in Mechanical Engineering
Investigation of the Design of a Bistable Micro-Chemical-Mechanical Device Utilizing Lateral Buckling

Daniel Saunders - Honors in Mechanical Engineering
Second-Generation Orthopaedic Measurement Device for in-vivo Assessment of Bone Quality

Devin Weaver - Honors in Mechanical Engineering
Design, Construction, and Validation of an Atmospheric Combustor for Alternative Fuel Studies


Samantha Deffler - Honors in Neuroscience
Semantic Categorization of Unfamiliar Tunes in Older and Younger Adults

Joshua Ripple - Honors in Neuroscience
The Effects of Altered Prenatal Melatonin Signaling on Adult Behavior and Hippocampal Gene Expression of the Male Rat: A Circadioneuroendocrine-Axis Hypothesis of Psychopathology


Kyle Anthony - Honors in Philosophy
Aristotle and the Importance of Virtue in the Context of the Politics and the Nicomachean Ethics and its Relation to Today

Hannah Kaizer - Honors in Philosophy
Plato and Frankfurt: Two Theories of the Relations Between Love and Living Well


Conrad Moore - Honors in Physics
Closed Time-like Curves and Inertial Frame Dragging: How to Time Travel via Spacetime Rotation

Jakob Schaeffer - Honors in Physics
Vibrational Spectroscopic Monitoring of CO2-O Energy Transfer: Cooling Processes in Atmospheres of Venus & Mars

Political Science

Andrew Clarke - Honors in Political Science
The Blue Dog Coalition: Impact of a Single-Issue Caucus from the 104th to the 110th Congress

Joseph Debraggio - Honors in Political Science
Implementing The Good Friday Agreement: Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles

William Pezzolo - Honors in Political Science
Health, Justice, and Fairness

Daniel Steiman - Honors in Political Science
Does Israel Follow the Law? A Critical Analysis of Israel's Application of the International Law of Belligerent Occupation in the Occupied Territories


Alishia Wrubleski - Honors in Psychology
Predictors of Attitudes toward Lesbians and Transgender Women in Relationships on a College Campus

Samantha Jones - Master of Science in Psychology
The Contexts of Scratching Behavior and Postconflict Behavior in Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)

Jeannette Reid - Master of Science in Psychology
Compulsive-Like Behaviors of Typical Development: A Question of Their Nature and Continuity with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Patrick Selwood - Honors in Religion
The Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation: An Exposition and Defense


Christopher Bishop - Honors in Sociology
"Hey, Hey, He Gay, He Gay . . . Okay" . . . Or Is It?: The Sociological Importance of Brüno


Breanna Eckley - Honors in Theatre
Exploring the Life of Edith Fetherston through her Clothing

Bianca Roman - Honors in Theatre
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