Library & Information Technology sponsored a Student Scholarship Reception during the 2010 Commencement Weekend on Saturday, May 22, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., in the Bertrand Library Café Seating (main level/rear area). This reception was held to recognize Bucknell master's and honor's graduates who have completed theses.

Animal Behavior
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Comparative Humanities
Computer Science

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Political Science

Animal Behavior

Eileen Kennedy - Master of Science
Color Variation in Museum Specimens of Birds: Effects of Stress, Pigmentation, and Duration of Storage

Krause Casey - Honors in Animal Behavior
Impulse Control and Cooperation in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella)


Allison Mayhew - Honors in Biology
Microbial community analysis of Lake Chillisquaque, a small water system in Central Pennsylvania

John Tomtishen - Honors in Cell Biology/Biochemistry
Tegument Protein Subcellular Localization of Human Cytomegalovirus

Katie Dry - Master of Science
The Overexpression of Homeotic Complex Gene Ultrabithorax in the Post-Embryonic Neuronal Lineages of the Ventral Nervous System in Drosophila Melanogaster

Bradley Rhodes - Master of Science
The Role of Olfactory Cues in the Sequential Radiation of a Gall-Boring Beetle


James Berstler - Master of Science
Purification and Preliminary Characterization of the TM0727 Protein from Thermotoga maritima

Neferterneken Francis - Master of Arts
Zinc Compounds as Models for Zinc Metalloenzymes

Christopher Heist - Master of Science
Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods for Probing the Clay Water Interface

Tara Pedersen - Master of Science
Vibrational Relaxation of N2O (v2) by Atomic Oxygen Measured by Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Jenna Yehl - Master of Science
Hydrodynamic Characterization of Bile Salt Host-Guest Complexes by Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Spectroscopy

Chemical Engineering

Laura Cook - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Investigation of the Hygroscopic and Morphological Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols

Stephanie Evans - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Modeling Small Molecule Elution From a Hydrogel using a Microfluidic Technique

Alexander Fielding - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Characterization of Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposites Fabricated via Solid-State Processing

Ian Hasson - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
An Investigation of Two Ceramic Electron Conductors for Use in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes

Jeffrey Stein - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
The Repairing of Misconceptions through the Use of Inquiry-Based Activities

Janet Tesfai - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Continuous, Passive Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Emulsion Separation Within Microfluidic and Millifluidic Devices

Jeweliet Yost - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Synthesis and Surface Modification of CdSe and CdS Quantum Dots Exhibiting High Quantum Yield

Civil Engineering

Matthew McKeehan - Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Chemical Compatibility of Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall Backfills Containing Modified Bentonites


Paul Brazinski - Honors in Classics
The Little Metropolis: Religion, Politics, & Spolia

Comparative Humanities

Harriette McSwain - Honors in Comparative Humanities
The Resonance of Beauty

Computer Science

Andrew Hallagan - Honors in Computer Science
The Design of XML-Based Model and Experiment Description Languages for Network Simulation

Bryan Ward - Honors in Computer Science
A Framework for the Automation of Discrete-Event Simulation Experiments


Ava Ginsberg - Honors in Economics
Comparative Study of Informal Health Care Networks and Elderly Health Status in Argentina and Cuba

Tracy Lum - Honors in Economics
Mobile goes global: The effect of cell phones on economic growth and development

Andrew Rath - Honors in Economics
La Sojización: "The Soyization" of the Argentine Countryside in the Province of Santa Fe

Ian Sikora - Honors in Economics
Effectively Engaging with a Dragon: Examining the Nature and Impact of the Most Recent Decade of Sino-African Multilateral Realtions


Jarret Warshaw - Master of Science in Education
I Want to Be My Own Person: the Meaning-Making and Psychosocial Processes of Legacy Students at Bucknell University

Amanda Lorson - Master of Science in Education
The Effect of Grade Point Average on Undergraduates' Understanding of Heat Transfer

Brooke Young - Master of Science in Education
An Examination of the STARS-PAC Anxiety Intervention Program and its Effect on Decreasing Social and Test Anxiety

Jeffrey Ogden - Master of Science in Education
Public Speaking Anxiety, Test Anxiety, and Academic Achievement in Undergraduate Students

Sarah Nelson - Master of Science in Education
Effect of Participant Gender, Professor Gender, and Activity Interventions on the Understanding of Concepts in Thermodynamics

Shelby Radcliffe - Master of Science in Education
A Study of Alumni Engagement and Its Relationship to Giving Behaviors

Nadir Sharif - Master of Science in Education
Perceptions of Social Mobility in Community College Scholars at Bucknell University

Meghan Starr - Master of Science in Education
The Relationship between Parenting Styles, Learning Autonomy, Learning Autonomy, and Scholastic Achievement in Undergraduate College Students

Heather Vining - Master of Science in Education
Increasing Participation in the Classroom for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kelli Kuzo - Master of Science in Education
Teacher Resistance to School-Based Consultation with the School Psychologist: an Analysis According to School Level and Model of Identification for Special Education Services

Electrical Engineering

William Woods- Honors in Electrical Engineering
Detecting Improvised Explosive Devices Via Forward Looking Ground Penetrating Radar

Zafrullah Kamar - Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering
3CAM - A Novel Ternary Content Addressable Memory Using Three-Valued Logic

Juliana Su - Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Design and Development of an FPGA-based Distributed Computing Processing Platform


Allison Clymer - Honors in English
The Pressures of History: Shakespearean Performance and Interpretation

Kathryn Davis - Honors in English
So Very Far Away

Robert Dinucci - Honors in English
The Body of Margaret Atwood: Sex Work and Prostitution within Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, Oryx and Crake, and The Year of the Flood

Megan Holahan - Honors in English
Burning Skies: A Novella

Mary Hood - Honors in English
What Lies Beneath

Gina Malara - Honors in English
The Insufficient Void: The Problem of an Earthly Paradise in Wuthering Heights and Dracula

Maia Pineda - Honors in English
Spinning Song

Anna Ryan - Honors in English
The Atlantic and Everything After

Lindsay Sfekas - Honors in English
Searching for Hope in Samuel Beckett, Edward Albee, and Sam Shepard

Emily Anderson - Master of Arts
The Lily and the Lotus: Notes on Translation

Lindsey Pollock - Master of Arts
Form as Three Questions


Nicholas Gonsalves - Honors in Geography
A Vegetation Reconstruction of Union County, Pennsylvania During the Early Historical Period (1755-1855)


Cullen Kortyna - Honors in Geology
Awaiting Submission


Sarah Block - Honors in History
Stratified Boston: The Brahmins, the Irish and the Boston Police Strike of 1919

Benjamin DiCamillo - Honors in History
The Failure of Silence and the Manipulation of Memory: How Spain's Pact of Oblivion has Failed to Rid the Country of its Troubled Past

Molly Shoener - Honors in History
An Ethical History of Photography in Combat and of Combat Photography in the United States during World War II


Brooke Stokes - Honors in Management
Quality Control in the Healthcare Industry: An Analysis of Surgery Turnover Times


Ariel Kniss - Honors in Mathematics
Dynamics of Spatial Game Theory Networks with Novel Modifications

Ryan Ward - Honors in Mathematics
Equality of P-Partition Generating Functions

Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Riglin - Honors in Mechanical Engineering
Performance Characteristics of Airlift Pumps with Vortex Induced by Tangential Fluid Injection

John Stevenson - Honors in Mechanical Engineering
Design of a Liquid Fuel Injector for Alternative Fuel Studies in an Atmospheric Model Gas Turbine Combustor

Michael Volpe - Honors in Mechanical Engineering
Development of Measurement Methods for Testing of Hydrokinetic Devices to Evaluate the Environmental Effect on Local Substrate

Benjamin Bouffard - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Corrosion Characteristics And Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Coatings Applied By The Cold Spray Process

Shane Cohen - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Assessing Commonality and Differentiation for Packaging-Family Planning with Application to Medication Labels

Christian Hubicki - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Energy-Economical Heuristically Based Control of Compass Gait Walking on Stochastically Varying Terrain

Alexander Paxson - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
An Experimental Evaluation of the Performance of a Vortex-Driven Air Lift Pump

Wade Pierce - Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Combustion of Biogas in a Gas Turbine Simulation


Nicholas Horner - Honors in Music
Awaiting Submission


Amanda Child - Honors in Neuroscience
Metamemory judgments for familiar and unfamiliar tunes

Alper Dincer - Honors in Neuroscience
The Role of Broad-Complex in Determining Neuronal Composition in the Drosophila Brain


Jonathan Drake - Honors in Philosophy
Saving morality: Why we cannot, and why we must

Political Science

David Palmer - Honors in Political Science
The Tea Party and Social Movements


Allyson Hopper - Honors in Psychology
Do College Women Facilitate the Sexual Assault of Their Same-Gender Peers?

Leigh Bryant - Honors in Psychology
Personality Factors of Women Participating in College Athletics

Angela Chouinard - Honors in Psychology
Lexical Development in Adult Beginning Second Language Learners

Lauren Cotter - Honors in Psychology
Self-Perceived Attractiveness and Its Influence on the Halo Effect and the Similar-to Me Effect

Kelsey Lisle - Honors in Psychology
Identifying the Negative Stigma Associated with Having a Learning Disability

Megan Malone - Honors in Psychology
The Effects of Emotions and Distraction on Attention During a Perceptual Task

Kelsey Malone - Honors in Psychology
Gender Differences in Emotional Responses to Hooking Up

Jennifer Shukusky - Honors in Psychology
Relationships Past and Present

Catherine Siegel - Honors in Psychology
Group Stereotypes and The Self: How Social Status and Interaction Expectation Affect Self-Stereotyping

Brooke Campbell - Master of Science
Hooking Up, Alcohol Consumption, and Sexual Assault: Differentially Risky Behaviors

Jamie Vanartsdalen - Master of Science
Mate Expulsions in Females Across the Menstrual Cycle


Stephanie Walters - Honors in Theatre
Learning My Lessons: Research, Rehearsal, and Reflection on the Greats

Investigation of the Design of a Bistable Micro-Chemical-Mechanical Device Utilizing Lateral Buckling


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