Bucknell University media highlights

Examining Financial Literacy in the Workplace

Wallet Hub
Professor Joseph Murray, director of Bucknell's College Student Personnel Program, says there could be a role for colleges and universities to play in promoting financial literacy.

Huawei Condemns NSA Hacking

China Daily
Professor Zhiqun Zhu, MacArthur Chair of East Asian Politics, says the revelation that the NSA spied on Huawei and Chinese leaders should not come as a surprise.

Addressing Hunger at Home

Milton Standard Journal
Bucknell students tackle the issues of poverty and hunger through the annual Empty Bowls program.

Will new security panel be US or Soviet flavoured?

South China Morning Post
"The security committee was necessary because both internal and external security challenges have grown more acute. Domestically, Tibet and Xinjiang continue to be restive and mass protests nationwide have increased," says Zhiqun Zhu, MacArthur Chair of East Asian Politics.

U.S. envoy to China quits job

China Daily USA
"Gary Locke will be remembered as the first Chinese-American U.S. ambassador to China at a time when the two countries are deepening and widening their relations," says Zhiqun Zhu, MacArthur Chair of East Asian Politics.

'Klingon' elected to Ulysses Town Board

Ithaca Journal
John Hertzler '72, who has played Klingon warrior Martok in "Star Trek Deep Space Nine", may be the first "Star Trek" actor elected to public office.

Christy Mathewson and the Thinking Man's Game

The New Yorker
Bucknellian Christy Mathewson, who authored the recently reissued Pitching in a Pitch, personified baseball's gradual shift to a respectable, wholesome, thinking-man's game.

Go Batty this Halloween

Biologist DeeAnn Reeder separates fact from fiction on one of Halloween's iconic symbols: bats. 

China and the new world order

tbs eFM radio
Zhiqun Zhu, MacArthur Chair of East Asian Politics, discussed China and the new world order in a radio interview on South Korea's most popular English radio news program.

Battle cry: On-gourd

The Daily Item
Mechanical engineer Nate Siegel and his students built a trebuchet for the Pumpkin Palooza Festival. || Related video

How to find a rogue planet

Popular Mechanics
Astronomy professor Katelyn Allers, part of an international team of astronomers who have found a rogue planet without a star, explains how they did it.

Bringing bicycles to the people

National Geographic
Bucknellians Muyambi Muyambi and Molly Burke are two of National Geographic's Travelers of the Year. Click here to vote for Muyambi and Molly in National Geographics People's Choice Traveler of the Year contest.

Revenge of the Bees

Huffington Post
Biologist Chris Martine describes how he nearly lost an ear to an Australian carpenter bee. || Related story: Martine was also featured in AL.com, where he discusses the motivation behind his video series, "Plants Are Cool, Too!"

Affordable Care Act explained

Bucknell sociologists Carl Milofsky and Brandn Green are helping to explain the Affordable Care Act to the local community.

Party organ's lurch left may say little of Xi's plans

South China Morning Post
A conservative story in China's traditionally liberal newspaper shows China's Communist party is "no longer a monolithic organisation," said Zhiqun Zhu, MacArthur Chair of East Asian Politics.


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