The current Bucknell Forum series, "tech/no," embraces the perils and promises of technology. The series, which started in fall 2012 and will run through four semesters, aims to stir discussion about the pros and cons of technology, its benefits and damages, its legitimate promises and false panaceas, and its capacity to satisfy human need and desire even as it can bring risk and danger.

Recent Forum Events

Tyson Neil deGrasseTyson Neil deGrasse

Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014
Related news: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to Speak at Bucknell Jan. 30


Gillian FerrabeeGillian Ferrabee

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013
News story: Cirque du Soleil creative director to speak, answer questions


Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013
News story: Award-winning, NY Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman to speak at Bucknell


P.W. SingerP.W. Singer

September 24, 2013
News story: Warfare expert P.W. Singer to speak


Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington

February 19, 2013
News story: The Brave New World of The 'New Media'


Rebecca SklootRebecca Skloot

February 6, 2013
News story: Best-selling author Rebecca Skloot to speak at Bucknell


Baratunde ThurstonBaratunde Thurston

January 29, 2013
News story: Political activist and comedian Baratunde Thurston to speak Jan. 29


"un/real and un/true: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs""un/real and un/true: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs"

November 27, 2012, starring Alex Lyras '93
News story: un/real and un/true: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs


Biz StoneBiz Stone

October 23, 2012
News story: Biz@Bucknell



Previous Forums

Creativity: Beyond the Box

"The Bucknell Forum: Creativity: Beyond the Box" featured individuals from a wide range of fields who provided thoughtful and insightful commentary or interactive experiences on new ways of being creative. (Fall 2010 - Spring 2012)

Makoto Fujimura '83

Makoto Fujimura '83 and John Bravman

"Creative Engagement: The Questions Science and Art Ask of Each Other."
April 3, 2012

News story: The Artist and the Engineer

John Legend

John Legend

"Creativity as Truth"
January 24, 2012

News story: Creativity as Truth

Alumni panel

"Designing Success: Creativity in the Virtual, Mechanical and Real Worlds"
Nov. 7, 2011

News story: Bucknell Forum: alumni panel to focus on 'Creativity'

Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash

"Creativity: Beyond the Box"
October 25, 2011

News story: Kevin Clash, Elmo draw out inner child in adults, youngsters alike

Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer

"Imagine: The Science of Creativity"
Oct. 4, 2011

News story: Bucknell Forum: Neuroscience writer Jonah Lehrer Oct. 4

Brian Greene

"Breakthrough Thinking"
April 19, 2011

News story: Challenging what we 'know' leads to scientific discovery

Edwidge Danticat

"Create Dangerously"
April 12, 2011

News story: Storytelling keeps memory, tradition alive, author Edwidge Danticat says


Bernice Johnson Reagon

"Standing on New Ground"
March 1, 2011

News story: Bernice Johnson Reagon encourages action through song, talk


Neri Oxman

"Creativity: Beyond the Box"
Nov. 2, 2010
News story: Architect, designer uses principles of nature to create, build


Dan Roam

"Creativity: Beyond the Box"
Oct. 26, 2010
News story: Use brain's visual powers to solve problems, Roam says

Twyla Tharp

"Creativity: Beyond the Box"
Sept. 14, 2010
News story: Intersection of life, art integral to creativity, success, Tharp says

Global Leadership: Questions for the 21st Century

"The Bucknell Forum: Global Leadership: Questions for the 21st Century" focused on global leadership issues at the forefront of today's discourse. Renowned leaders, scholars and commentators examined these issues from multi-disciplinary perspectives and a diversity of viewpoints to provide a model for civil discourse. (Spring 2009 - Spring 2010)

Panel on civic engagement and humanitarian action

"Leadership, Change and the Impact of Individuals"
April 6, 2010
News story: Internet, community buy-in key to inspiring change, panel says

Jody Williams

"An Individual's Impact on Social and Political Change"
March 9, 2010
News story: Jody Williams says bringing about change starts small

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"Globalization and the Green Economy:
A New Vision for American Leadership and Strength"
Feb. 2, 2010
News story: Free-market economy path to greener world

Doug Lebda '92, founder of and a Bucknell alumnus


Doug Lebda '92

"Lead or Fail: The New Challenges of a New Economy"
Nov. 11, 2009
News story: New economy presents opportunities for entrepreneurs

Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner

"Leadership That Is Ethical: Promises and Pitfalls"
Oct. 21, 2009
News story: Ethics, excellence and engagement essential to 'GoodWork'

Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson

"Is the United States and Empire? Should it be?"
Sept. 15, 2009
News story: U.S. a 'dysfunctional empire'


Matthew Boddanos

Matthew Bagdanos '80

"The End of the Citizen-Soldier? Questions of Leadership in a Time of War"
April 15, 2009
News story: Leadership and the 'citizen-soldier'

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

"Ladies First"
March 31, 2009
News story: Rights speaker sparks debate and audio clips

F.W. de Klerk

"Bridging the Gap: Globalization Without Isolation"
Feb. 19, 2009
News story: U.S. encouraged to hold on to ideals, lead by example || Audio clips

The Citizen & Politics in America

"The Bucknell Forum: The Citizen & Politics in America" explored major issues in the 2008 presidential election. The series featured nationally renowned leaders, scholars, and commentators exploring these issues from multi-disciplinary perspectives and offered opportunities for campus and community conversations. (Fall 2007 - Fall 2008)

Norman J. Ornstein

An analysis of the 2008 election and what's next
Nov. 11, 2008
News story: Obama could do what Clinton was unable to in first term, forum speaker says


"The Polls and the Presidency"

Panel of national pollsters
Oct. 28, 2008
News story: National pollsters ponder election 2008 outcome

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Doris Kearns Goodwin

"Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln and Their Meaning for Our Next President"
Sept. 30, 2008
News story: Lincoln set 'gold standard' for presidential leadership

Leonard Pitts Jr.

"America's Second Black President: Race, Politics & Obama"
March 24, 2008
News story: Pulitzer columnist Pitts: Race remains issue in campaign

Barbara Ehrenreich

"Working for Change: Citizenship and Class in America"
March 17, 2008
News story: Poverty affects citizenship, economy, says Ehrenreich

Religous Forum Panel

Distinguished panel of religion experts

"Religion and Politics in America"
Feb. 6, 2008
News Story: Religion panelists agree to disagree

Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer

"The Capitalist Citizen and Democracy"
Jan. 29, 2008
News story: Jim Cramer challenges 'laissez faire' government

Dr. Benjamin Barber

"The News as Commodity in an Interdependent World: Can Citizenship Survive?"
Nov. 5, 2007
News story: Lecturer takes stock of challenges to U.S. democracy

The Bucknell Forum

Panel of National Political Correspondents

"The Media and the Citizen's View of the Presidential Campaign"
Oct. 18, 2007
News story: Journalists on voting, war, and blogs

Tim Russert

Tim Russert

"A View from Washington"
Sept. 18, 2007
News story: Russert kicks off Bucknell Forum with election talk


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