A.  In the event that you observe a crime in progress, believe a crime may be in progress, or are the victim of a crime, contact Public Safety immediately at 570-577-3333 or emergency number 570-577-1111. Report suspicious persons or activities. All calls are kept confidential. Public Safety officers are trained to handle all situations and persons in a diplomatic and sensitive manner. When in doubt, report it.

B.  Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the criminal except in cases of self-protection.

C.  If safe to do so, take time to record a mental description of the suspect. Note height, weight, sex, color, approximate age, clothing, method and direction of travel, and the person's name, if known. All this takes only a few seconds, and is of significant help to investigating officers. If the suspect is entering a vehicle, note the license number, make and model, color, and outstanding characteristics.

D.  Call Public Safety at 570-577-3333 or emergency number 570-577-1111. Give your name, location, and department. Advise them of the situation, and remain where you are until contacted by an officer.

E.  Protect the crime scene; items which may have been handled by the perpetrator may bear fingerprints and should not be touched. Do not clean or disturb the area. In case of a serious crime, the room or area where the crime occurred should be sealed off immediately. Do not allow anyone to enter the area until Public Safety or the police have secured and examined the area.

F.  In the event of civil disturbance, continue with your normal routine, if possible. If the disturbance is outside, stay away from doors and windows.

G.  Do not interfere with those persons creating the disturbance, or with law enforcement or Public Safety authorities on the scene.

H. The Public Safety dispatcher will initiate the proper notification procedure for contacting appropriate personnel when a crime occurs on or near campus.

I. A Public Safety officer will respond with the appropriate authorities to evaluate the situation.

Bucknell University Public Safety - 570-577-3333
Public Safety Emergency - 570-577-1111
Police, Fire Company, Ambulance - 911 


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