A. The authority to declare a campus state of emergency rests with the president of the university or, in his/her absence, the vice president for finance and administration.

  1. During a state of emergency, the department of public safety, with the president or vice president's authorization, shall place into immediate effect the appropriate procedures necessary to meet the emergency and to safeguard persons and property. The chief of public safety or his/her designee shall immediately consult with the president or vice president for finance and administration regarding the emergency and the possible need for a declaration of a campus state of emergency. The office of public relations is the official department for all release of information outside the university.

  2. When this declaration is made, only registered students, faculty, and staff are authorized to be present on campus. Those who cannot present proper identification (registration or employee identification card, or other I.D.) showing their legitimate business on campus will be asked to leave the campus. Unauthorized persons remaining on campus may be subject to arrest in accordance with the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

  3. In addition, only those faculty and staff members who have been assigned emergency response team duties by the department of public safety will be allowed to enter the designated emergency areas.

  4. In the event of earthquakes, aftershocks, fires, storms, or a major disaster occurring on or about the campus, or one that involves university property, Public Safety officers will be dispatched to determine the extent of any damage to university property.

B. The Action Plan Emergency Coordinator, who will be the vice president for finance and administration or his/her designee, will appoint an Emergency Disaster Response Team and will coordinate the university's response with internal departments and outside agencies.

C. The Emergency Disaster Response Personnel and Notification Procedures are contained herein. The Action Plan Emergency Coordinator will initiate the notification process and the response procedures for the primary response to campus emergencies. The Union County Communications Center and the Union County Emergency Management Coordinator will be notified of any condition requiring non-university intervention or assistance. Also listed are the step-by-step emergency response procedures for the emergencies listed in the index. These procedures are to be followed by all university personnel as indicated in the individual instructions.

D. An EMERGENCY COMMAND CENTER will be established at the Department of Public Safety where the coordination of all communications will occur through the Public Safety dispatcher at 570-577-1111 for emergency calls, at 570-577-3333, for informational calls (rumor hot line). The Director of Public Safety will designate an unlisted telephone number or numbers for communications between key emergency response personnel. The Department of Public Safety and the Office of Telecommunications have cellular telephones for emergency use in the event of a communications problem.

E. The Public Safety dispatcher (command center) will notify all primary and secondary university emergency response personnel to activate the Emergency Disaster Response Plan. The emergency response personnel will then direct all university workers and university members about the correct response procedures to the particular emergency which may include the designation of a meeting location for emergency personnel. Unless designed otherwise, the University Emergency Response Team will meet at the Public Safety building to receive their instructions.

F. The director of public relations or his/her designee will respond to media inquiries, issue press releases, and designate one central location for the meeting of media personnel with university representatives for the dissemination of information.]


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