Speak UP Bucknell offers a variety of programs and presentations designed to help students build positive bystander skills around sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. Learn about our educational approach and how these programs educate students.

A Prevention Workshop for Establishing a Community of Responsibility (90 minutes)

This program provides an overview of positive bystander behavior, sexual violence, rape culture, and how to practice positive bystander behavior in a potentially sexually violent situation. The interactive program focuses on helping students build positive bystander skills for potentially sexually violent situations.

Dating Violence and Stalking (90 minutes)

This program provides information about dating violence and stalking prevention. Students will learn about the different types of dating violence, power and control strategies, and the honeymoon-tension-abuse cycle. Students will learn about signs to look out for in both the victim and abuser and their interaction. They will then practice positive bystander behavior using an example of an abusive relationship in popular media.

Media Literacy (60 + minutes)

The Media Literacy program uses popular media to help students recognize and understand the messages being sent in the media, and how these messages contribute to a culture that allows for sexual assaults in society. The program consists of movie or TV show screening, followed by a group discussion.

When choosing the program please keep in mind the themes that will be discussed with each media example.

Superbad — alcohol and sex; attitudes toward sexual relationships; social expectations around having sex

Ted — attitudes toward sexual relationships; sexual innuendos; language

How I Met Your Mother — language; attitudes towards sexual relationships

Additional films and TV shows will be added at a later date.

Man Box/ Woman Box (60 minutes)

What does it mean to be a man? What are the characteristics of a woman? This program takes a critical look at how we define being a man and woman and the dynamics it creates between genders. This interactive and thought provoking program will help students question stereotypical views of men and women in society.

Interested in booking a Speak Up Program? Please contact speakup@bucknell.edu for more information. We are happy to work with you to find or develop a program to fit your needs.


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