Living-learning communities for first-year students.

It doesn't matter what you plan to major in.

Whether you want to be an engineer, an artist, a business leader, a writer, a physician — or anything else — you can sign up to join whichever Residential College interests you.

The Residential Colleges are tied to a first-semester class, so you'll get to live and learn with students who share your interests.

Students who have participated in them say they have been among the best experiences of their Bucknell education. 

Why Choose a Residential College?

Blend Life and Learning

Live on a hall with students interested in the same topic as you. Together, you'll explore that topic inside and outside of class, forge lasting friendships and connect with professors and older students who'll become your mentors. You'll go on trips, serve your community, broaden your perspectives. And you'll be prepared to lead and succeed at Bucknell and beyond.

Seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit

Venture Beyond Campus

Residential Colleges travel off campus to visit sites related to their coursework and discussions.

In the past, groups have traveled to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit, the Dialogues with Darwin exhibit, the National Gallery, the Newseum, the Spy Museum and historic Harlem. They've also seen plays in New York, visited the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and toured the Gettysburg Battlefield.

on a trip to Washington, D.C.

Prepare to Lead and Succeed

Students in the Residential Colleges say they are more likely to:

  • Participate in service-learning opportunities
  • Attend art exhibits and performances
  • Talk about ideas and career plans with faculty
  • Work with faculty on projects outside of coursework
  • Try to better understand someone else's views

Connect with Mentors

Faculty members known as Senior Fellows lead each Residential College, guiding weekly Common Hour discussions, traveling off campus with students and joining students in informal conversations. Bucknell sophomores, called Junior Fellows, live on the halls with first-year students and help them plan activities and get to know campus. Both the Junior and the Senior Fellows are there to become mentors for first-year students. Lifelong friendships have emerged from these early connections.

Residential Colleges

themed living-learning communities

Arts College

Arts College

Explore your vision of the world. Affirm the connections among art and life and creativity and culture. Perform, compose, represent and build. Celebrate the imagination. 

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Humanities College

Explore a long line of thinkers and writers, from Plato to Dante. Understand literary genres, philosophical traditions, religious expression and much more. Gain an interdisciplinary perspective on topics ranging from the visual arts to scientific texts. 

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Discovery College

Discovery College

Learn how science has changed the world. Participate in hands-on activities. Visit places where breakthroughs have occurred. Appreciate science through the lenses of other disciplines, including history, philosophy and education. 

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Languages & Cultures College

Understand national and cultural perspectives of non-English speaking countries. Explore the world's cultures. Become skilled in cross-cultural communication. Prepare yourself to make the most of a study abroad experience. 

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Environmental College

Environmental College

Study the complex scientific, social, political and ethical dimensions of environmental issues. Explore the ecological impact of human activities. Look at successes in sustainable development. Raise awareness about environmental issues. Celebrate the wonder of the natural world.

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Social Justice College

Examine topics including poverty, inequality in education and health care, immigration, and gay and lesbian civil rights. Advocate for social justice in the community. Learn about grassroots activism. Help meet people's needs in nearby communities.

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Global College

Global College

Take a close look at internationalization, globalization and related themes tied to culture, controversies and solutions. Understand the evolution and contradictions of the modern world. Learn how to initiate change. Challenge your beliefs and look beyond the conventional.

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Society & Technology College

Examine the possibilities inherent in technology, along with the ethical, economic and political challenges that come along with it. Consider the ways technology contributes to and detracts from society. Design technological solutions in a creative environment. 

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Meet Res College Alumni

Global Residential College

Doug Lebda '92

Frustrated by the process of getting his first mortgage, in 1996 Lebda founded, which revolutionized the way consumers shop for mortgages and how lenders reach new customers.

Speaking of Success: Doug Lebda '92

Society & Technology Residential College

Nicole Kendrot '09

Nicole Kendrot '09

"They’re trying to wade through all the complexities, to figure out: How much do I owe? When do I owe it? How much am I going to owe? What do I do if I can’t afford these payments?"

Alumni Story: Nicole Kendrot '09

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