The following courses are approved for the women's and gender studies major and minor. In addition to courses offered by the department (WMST), courses from anthropology, Arabic, art, comparative humanities, East Asian studies, English, French, geography, history, psychology, sociology, and Spanish can also be taken toward the major and minor.

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Women's & Gender Studies

WMST 150 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WMST 211 Women in Judaism (crosslisted as RELI 211)
WMST 212 Southern Exposure (crosslisted as ENGL 211)
WMST 219 Contemporary Religion: Race, Gender and Sexuality (crosslisted as RELI 219)
WMST 220 Introduction to Feminist Theory in Practice
WMST 221 Passion/Perversion: Japan Film (crosslisted as EAST 222)
WMST 222 Queer Studies
WMST 224 Political Economy of Sub-Saharan Africa Through Film (crosslisted as ECON 224)
WMST 228 Gender and Sexuality in America (crosslisted as ENGL 228)
WMST 230 Feminist Philosophy (crosslisted as PHIL 230)
WMST 231 Psychology of Women (crosslisted as PSYC 232)
WMST 232 Gender and Sexuality in South Asia (crosslisted as ANTH 232)
WMST 233 Global Feminism and Religion (crosslisted as RELI 233)
WMST 236 Unemployment and Poverty (crosslisted as ECON 236)
WMST 237 Ethnicity, Gender & Identity (crosslisted as CLAS 237)
WMST 238 Women and Politics (crosslisted as POLS 229 and POLS 238)
WMST 239 Queering (Christian) Theology (crosslisted as RELI 239)
WMST 241 Women in Chinese Literature (crosslisted as EAST 241)
WMST 248 Religions of the African Diaspora (crosslisted as RELI 248)
WMST 251 Women and Development
WMST 253 Gender and Migration (crosslisted as ECON 253)
WMST 254 Sex and Social Order (crosslisted as POLI 254)
WMST 263 Sex and the Single Heroine (crosslisted as ENGL 263)
WMST 265 Controversies in Art (crosslisted as PHIL 265 and ART 265)
WMST 270 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WMST 271 Dance and Culture (crosslisted as ANTH 271)
WMST 273 Women Writing Culture (crosslisted as ANTH 273)
WMST 290 Gender Issues in Education (crosslisted as EDUC 290)
WMST 315 Unsettling Memories (crosslisted as ENGL 315)
WMST 318 Economic History of Women in the United States (crosslisted as ECON 319)
WMST 319 Independent Study - Women's and Gender Studies
WMST 320 Independent Study - Women's and Gender Studies
WMST 323 Gender and Geography (crosslisted as GEOG 323)
WMST 325 History of Sexuality (crosslisted as HUMN 320)
WMST 328 Mating and Marrying in America (crosslisted as SOCI 328)
WMST 332 Women and the Penal System (crosslisted as SOCI 332)
WMST 334 Women in Antiquity (crosslisted as CLAS 334)
WMST 341 Transnational Queer Identities (crosslisted as FREN 341 & HUMN 341)
WMST 370 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies (19th-century Women Writers)
WMST 390 Honors in Women's and Gender Studies
WMST 400 Advanced Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies


ANTH 270 Sexuality and Culture


ARBC 150 Women and Islam

Art and Art History:

ARTH 319 Special Studies: English Renaissance

Comparative Humanities:

HUMN 301 Enlightenment, Women, and Gender
HUMN 330 Studies in Autobiography

East Asian Studies:

EAST 232 Romance in Chinese Literature


ENGL 219 The Novels of Toni Morrison
ENGL 227 Contemporary Caribbean Literature: Voyages of Discovery
ENGL 286 The Modern Novel: Virginia Woolf
ENGL 290 Women's Voices in Hip Hop Culture
ENGL 307 Emerson, Dickinson, Whitman
ENGL 370 Nineteenth-century Women Writers
ENGL 392 Contemporary African American Novel
ENGL 393 Feminism and Theatre
ENGL 398 Gender Criticism


FREN 395 Ecrivaines Francophones
FREN 395 Women's Cinema


GEOG 123 Gender, Place and Culture
GEOG 323 Gender and Geography


HIST 238 Witchcraft and Magic in Europe
HIST 246 Medieval Heresies and Heretics
HIST 258 Topics in Women's Gender History
HIST 279 Topics in the History of Science and Medicine: Women in Science and Technology
HIST 279 Topics in the History of Science and Medicine: Women, Health, and Medicine
HIST 330 Seminar in European History: Fairy Tales as Historical Documents
HIST 370 Women, Health, and Medicine


PSYC 306 Advanced Abnormal Psychology: Psychology of Trauma
PSYC 373 Psychology of Race and Gender


SOCI 213 Race in Historical and Comparative Perspectives
SOCI 280 Twentieth-Century Afro-Caribbean and African-American Thought
SOCI 290 The Sociology of Caribbean Society
SOCI 327 Race, Citizenship and Human Rights


SPAN 295 Escritoras Hispanoamericanas



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