John Brunner ’15

John Brunner ’15, political science and theatre

Bridging Academic Worlds

Ahmed Elnaiem ’16

Ahmed Elnaiem ’16, cell biology and biochemistry

Growing as a Scientist

Ivan Flores ’16

Ivan Flores ’16, markets, innovation and design

Learning through Arts and Business

Ashley Freeby ’15

Ashley Freeby ’15, studio art

Critical Thinking through Art

Abigail Garrett ’17

Abigail Garrett ’17, biology & Spanish

Opening to New Interests

Gwenn Gideon ’15

Gwenn Gideon ’15, psychology and theatre

Connecting Theatre and Psychology

Heather Hennigan ’15

Heather Hennigan ’15, English and women's & gender studies

Connection through Storytelling

Jesse Klug ’16

Jesse Klug ’16, managing for sustainability

Sustainable Activism

Jillian Korn ’16

Jillian Korn ’16, biology

Pursuing Medicine & Service

Marco Valdez ’15

Marco Valdez ’15, mechanical engineering and sociology

Engineering for Eye Care

Mike Ajjan ’14

Mike Ajjan ’14, economics and international relations

Seeing is Believing

Ben Barrett ’16

Ben Barrett ’16, biology and sociology

Discovery Through Patterns

Sydney Isaacs ’16

Sydney Isaacs ’16, civil engineering

Environmental Research

Beth Klunk ’14

Beth Klunk ’14, psychology and religious studies

Expanding Perspective

Mattea Rossettie ’14

Mattea Rossettie ’14, animal behavior and comparative humanities

Science in Context

Lindsay Schwartz ’14

Lindsay Schwartz ’14, animal behavior and classics

Classics Informs Science

Kelly Yuan ’15

Kelly Yuan ’15, economics and mathematics

Employing Financial Strategy

Megan Reid ’14

Megan Reid ’14, chemical engineering

Engineering Success

Colin Lind ’15

Colin Lind ’15, international relations

Exploring Culture

Aaron Wilson ’15

Aaron Wilson ’15, music

Sociology of Medicine

Anna Astakhishvili ’15

Anna Astakhishvili ’15, global management

On the Global Stage

Don Lioi ’14

Don Lioi ’14, mechanical engineering and management for engineers

Artisan on Wheels

Ajan Caneda ’15

Ajan Caneda ’15, sociology

Confidence and Experience

Lauren Feldman ’14

Lauren Feldman ’14, psychology

Research Toward Recovery

Kenia Lobo ’15

Kenia Lobo ’15, biology

Discovering Science, Doing Good

Olivia Koufakis ’15

Olivia Koufakis ’15, East Asian studies

A Match Meant To Be

Catherine Kobza ’14

Catherine Kobza ’14, religious studies

Religion as Preparation

Eliza Macdonald ’14

Eliza Macdonald ’14, creative writing and theatre

Literature as Catalyst

Alexa Widawsky ’14

Alexa Widawsky ’14, accounting

Open Arms

Breeze Victor ’14

Breeze Victor ’14, biology

Stem Cell Research

Gyeol Yoon ’14

Gyeol Yoon ’14, cell biology and biochemistry

Disciplined and Focused

Katelyn Rothney ’15

Katelyn Rothney ’15, international relations and theatre

Curtain Call to Action

Francisco "Pancho" Alvarez ’15

Francisco "Pancho" Alvarez ’15, neuroscience

The Human Side

Claire Maree O'Bryan ’16

Claire Maree O'Bryan ’16, neuroscience

Dream Chaser

Josh Wilson ’15

Josh Wilson ’15, political science

Political Junkie

Erica Gaugler ’15

Erica Gaugler ’15, biomedical engineering

Fusing Technology and Medicine

Oswaldo Galicia ’14

Oswaldo Galicia ’14, civil engineering

Activist Engineer

Kaitlyn Perez ’15

Kaitlyn Perez ’15, chemistry

Iron Woman

Mona Mohammed ’15

Mona Mohammed ’15, civil engineering

Trash to Cash

Kaitlin Marsh ’14

Kaitlin Marsh ’14, classics and history

Connections Across History

Jean Rieuthavorn ’14

Jean Rieuthavorn ’14, biology

Deep Regard for the Environment

Tricia Collins ’14

Tricia Collins ’14, psychology

Why Do People Act that Way?

Anissa Corser ’14

Anissa Corser ’14, music performance

Operatic Aspirations

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