Noelle Watters '16

Noelle Watters '16, mathematics

Passion for Mathematics

Ryan Frazier '16

Ryan Frazier '16, accounting & financial management

The Human Side of Finance and Basketball

Aaron Messersmith '17

Aaron Messersmith '17, music education

Gaining Classroom Experience

Alex Rosen '16

Alex Rosen '16, English, history and Spanish

Becoming a Leader

Colin Hassell '15

Colin Hassell '15, mechanical engineering

Giving Back on and off Campus

Elaine Lac '16

Elaine Lac '16, comparative humanities and environmental studies

Where Culture and the Environment Intersect

Leo Fotsing Fomba '16

Leo Fotsing Fomba '16, global management

Transformation through Social Entrepreneurship

Abigail Garrett ’17

Abigail Garrett ’17, biology and Spanish

Opening to New Interests

Eric Monfort '16

Eric Monfort '16, environmental geology

Researcher and Athlete

Melissa Eng '16

Melissa Eng '16, geography and philosophy

The Versatility of Geography

Sarah Och '17

Sarah Och '17, psychology and religious studies

Exploring Ethics through Religious Studies

John Brunner ’15

John Brunner ’15, political science and theatre

Bridging Academic Worlds

Marissa Graham '16

Marissa Graham '16, managing for sustainability

Integrating Sustainability into Business

Ajan Caneda '15

Ajan Caneda '15, economics and sociology

Confidence and Experience

Heather Smith '15

Heather Smith '15, Russian studies and classics & ancient Mediterranean studies

A Scholar-Athlete Takes Risks

Cody Stockdale '15

Cody Stockdale '15, mathematics

Student-Faculty Connection

Shiri Levine '16

Shiri Levine '16, markets, innovation & design

Challenge Through Experience

Erica Gaugler ’15

Erica Gaugler ’15, biomedical engineering

Fusing Technology and Medicine

Mary Oluokun '16

Mary Oluokun '16, education and religious studies

Leading and Learning

Ivan Flores ’16

Ivan Flores ’16, markets, innovation & design

Learning through Arts and Management

Colin Lind ’15

Colin Lind ’15, international relations

Exploring Culture

Gwenn Gideon ’15

Gwenn Gideon ’15, psychology and theatre

Connecting Theatre and Psychology

Tung Phan '16

Tung Phan '16, computer science & engineering and mathematics

Engineering and Liberal Arts

Zoe Russell ’17

Zoe Russell ’17, English - creative writing and sociology

Reaching Goals Through Community

Jesse Klug ’16

Jesse Klug ’16, managing for sustainability

Sustainable Activism

Ushma Manandhar '15

Ushma Manandhar '15, civil engineering

Service in Nepal

Kaitlyn Perez ’15

Kaitlyn Perez ’15, chemistry

Iron Woman

Cameron Norsworthy '15

Cameron Norsworthy '15, English, creative writing

A Poet in the Making

Dajah Massey '15

Dajah Massey '15, civil engineering and management for engineers

Engineering Meets Management

Brett Walter '15

Brett Walter '15, animal behavior

One Connection Leads to Another

Heather Hennigan ’15

Heather Hennigan ’15, English - literary studies and women's & gender studies

Connection through Storytelling

Olivia Koufakis ’15

Olivia Koufakis ’15, East Asian studies and political science

A Match Meant To Be

Ahmed Elnaiem ’16

Ahmed Elnaiem ’16, cell biology & biochemistry

Growing as a Scientist

Josh Wilson ’15

Josh Wilson ’15, political science and Italian studies

Political Junkie

Jillian Korn ’16

Jillian Korn ’16, biology

Pursuing Medicine & Service

Marco Valdez ’15

Marco Valdez ’15, mechanical engineering and sociology

Engineering for Eye Care

Ashley Freeby ’15

Ashley Freeby ’15, studio art

Critical Thinking through Art

Ben Barrett ’16

Ben Barrett ’16, biology and sociology

Discovery Through Patterns

Sydney Isaacs ’16

Sydney Isaacs ’16, civil engineering

Environmental Research

Drew Yingling '15

Drew Yingling '15, economics and history

Telling Stories with History

Kelly Yuan ’15

Kelly Yuan ’15, interdisciplinary studies in economics & mathematics

Employing Financial Strategy

Aaron Wilson ’15

Aaron Wilson ’15, music

Sociology of Medicine

Anna Astakhishvili '15

Anna Astakhishvili '15, global management

On the Global Stage

Kenia Lobo ’15

Kenia Lobo ’15, biology and Italian studies

Discovering Science, Doing Good

Katelyn Rothney ’15

Katelyn Rothney ’15, international relations

Curtain Call to Action

Francisco "Pancho" Alvarez ’15

Francisco "Pancho" Alvarez ’15, neuroscience

The Human Side

Claire Maree O'Bryan ’16

Claire Maree O'Bryan ’16, neuroscience

Dream Chaser

Mona Mohammed '16

Mona Mohammed '16, civil engineering and women's & gender studies

Trash to Cash

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