More than 20 institutions around the world have implemented a version of MGMT 101 into their business programs.

By giving you real management experiences, MGMT 101 aims to provide you with a solid foundation for critical thinking about Organization and Management, for competent action as practicing managers, and for learning from your own and others’ experience. MGMT 101 students will be called on, sooner or later, to take managerial responsibilities in community, governmental, professional, social, and business organizations. Many of you will be in leadership positions, where you will be able to make real differences. MGMT 101’s general purpose is to make sure that your foundation for performance in those roles is solid. The clients of MGMT 101 are not only you, but also the people and institutions that will ultimately come to depend on your knowledge and skills. MGMT 101’s mission is thus very broad and ambitious, taking seriously an obligation to help prepare society’s leaders.

Student Resources

Learn about the entire course, its performance measures, the grading policies, and view a comprehensive assignment schedule.

Master Schedule
The Master Schedule will outline every discussion session and company session, as well as provide a precise day to day calendar.

Board Roster
Find the individual contact information for each MGMT 101 board member.

Project Activity Timeline
Your journey through MGMT 101 is divided into six phases of organizational development.

Company Session Notes Form
Keeping detailed notes will create a personal record of key experiences in your company.

Conflict of Interest Statement
The interest statement is designed to eliminate certain specific, potentially compromising, situations from arising.

Using Message Center for Market Research and Advertising
Follow this procedure to send out market research surveys and/or to advertise to the Bucknell campus using Bucknell's Message Center.

Expedited Design Approval for Surveying Only Form
All business coalitions should use this form to gain approval from the Events Management office to conduct on-campus market research.

Pre-Control Summary Table
All companies should use this form as a guide to make sure their Operating Plans presentation is complete.

Post-Control Summary Table
All companies will need to include this completed form in their Company Archives.

Income Tax Form
All companies will need to include this completed form in their Company Archives.

Licensed Vendors List
You must purchase your product from a licensed vendor when incorporating a Bucknell trademark in your design (Bucknell University, Bucknell, Bison, or Bucknell Bison words or logos). To see the list of approved vendors, click on the title above, go to "Bucknell University" and click on "View."

PA Sales Tax Form
If applicable, use this form to report the total PA sales tax your company collected on cash sales only.

BU Finance Office Request for Check or Cash Reimbursement Form
This form is used for repayment of out-of-pocket costs incurred by company members.

BU University Purchase Requisition Form
This form is used to request the purchase of products/services.

Company Stories Company Stories

Examine the companies that have participated in the past 25 years of Management 101.


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