Q - If I join a fraternity or sorority will it affect my grades?

A - The Greek system is a group that relies heavily on academic achievement. Grades tend to improve, when one learns to manage their time and use brothers and sisters as resources and study partners.

Q - Will I be able to afford the chapter dues, housing and food costs, etc.?

A - The costs go toward National fees, chapter operating expenses and other expenses. Most of the fraternities and sororities expect their members to pay their dues in full. Some do offer financial packages where your responsibilities may be lowered or erased completely in exchange for other duties.

Q - Will I have enough time for a fraternity or sorority?

A - Being a member of a Greek organization is a time commitment. You will have chapter meetings, committee meetings and possible social events. This does not include intramurals, community service activities, or recruitment events that happen in the fall. Greek students learn how to manage their time and commitments in order to become a integral member of the Bucknell community as well as the Greek community.

Q - Why does Bucknell University have a deferred recruitment system?

A - We encourage all First Year Students to adjust to college life while enjoying their first year experience. It is very important for first year students to focus on their academic endeavors, meeting new friends, and adapting to residential life while having time to make a decision on what student organizations to get involved with while at Bucknell.

Q - Overall, what is the main reason why one would want to join a Greek System?

A - The Greek System is a great opportunity for self improvement. It can also be a great support community, especially for anyone who is far away from their family and friends. The members of the Greek System here at Bucknell are committed to academic achievement, philanthropic and community service.


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