names Unless otherwise preferred by the subject, use the name by which the person is most commonly referred. See middle names, initials.

National Endowment for the Humanities NEH is acceptable on second reference to the independent grant-making agency of the federal government that supports research, education, preservation and public programs in the humanities.

National Institutes of Health Note the plural institutes for this funding agency, which is in the Department of Health and is the principal biomedical research arm of the federal government. NIH is acceptable on second reference.

National Science Foundation NSF is acceptable on second reference for this independent federal agency that is a major source of funding for research in the sciences and social sciences.

newspapers Capitalize and italicize (contrary to AP style); do not place in quotes. Capitalize and italicize The if it is part of the newspaper’s name. Examples: The New York Times, the St. Petersburg Times, The Washington Post.

nonprofit One word in all cases. Use instead of not-for-profit.

noon Avoid the redundancy of placing a 12 in front of noon. See time.

numbers, numerals In most uses, spell out whole numbers below 10; use figures for 10 and above. (Refer to AP style for exceptions.) Use figures and words and decimals up to two decimal points for millions, billions and larger amounts. Spell out all numbers if they begin a sentence. Examples: She has three notebooks, 15 textbooks and 3 million assignments. The budget is $6.25 billion. Nineteen people donated $1 million each. See money.

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