Do-RAK foiled by umbrella thievery
October 23, 2009

By Greg Stevenson
Sports Editor

With the two “me”-generations at the forefront of society, rarely do we see organizations volunteer their time and efforts for selfless acts. As the number of people in need increases, the world needs these groups more than ever.

One University organization, Do Random Acts of Kindness (Do-RAK) solicited $100, and is currently asking for another $200 in funds from Bucknell Student Government for use during the fall semester, according to Do-RAK President Nate Lee ’10.

Anyone who has worked for a student organization will tell you this is a standard process to keep any group which needs funding afloat. So, what could be the problem here with Do-RAK needing $200 this semester?

When I delved a little further into the issue, I found out something truly appalling. The group will not be using the additional funding to support new initiatives. Instead, the money will finance a program that failed during its initial trial.

The $200 will support the purchase of new umbrellas for the Do-RAK umbrella bins placed at the doorways of all campus buildings. These umbrellas are meant to offer assistance to students who are unprepared for rainy conditions. Last year, Do-RAK lent the umbrellas out to students with the unwritten agreement that students would return the umbrellas when they were finished using them.

Over the course of last year, most of the umbrellas disappeared. Do-RAK either had to cancel the program or purchase new umbrellas.

Now, I’m not one to blame the entire University community for this. Certainly, there were plenty of students who returned the umbrellas as they were supposed to, otherwise this program would not have survived as long as it did.

But, I am on my soapbox about this seemingly trivial issue as a result of those few students who have not given back the umbrellas as Do-RAK had hoped. It’s difficult to say whether this is a case of negligence or of thievery, but either way, this shines a negative light on the campus as a whole.

This organization was formed for the purpose of being kind and improving the lives of the students in a small way. But without the umbrellas, Do-RAK is not able to do random acts of kindness and is wasting its time as well as BSG’s money. All that good has gone for naught.

“If the program fails this time, it will not be attempted again,” Lee said.

Do-RAK is going out of its way to do some good for the student body. Why can’t students return the favor?

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