"It feels great to be able to explore my passion while helping others discover it in themselves."


Why Bucknell?

"Bucknell has a similar environment to where I went to high school. A small school, kind of rural. After my first visit, I was really impressed with what I saw. I felt right at home. And then I came back for Engineering Day. That was very helpful. I sat in on one class and then I sat in with a professor and just talked to him about the department and electrical engineering. After that, Bucknell was one of my top choices."

My major

"The study of astronomy is one of humanity's many attempts to contemplate our place in the universe. As we peer deeper and deeper into the darkness of space, we're able to shed light on our planet Earth. We're at a time in human existence where we can finally begin to answer the oldest questions people have been asking themselves: where are we? Where did we come from? What will happen to us in the future? Is Earth a special place in the Universe? Because of astronomy, we have been able to scratch the surface of these answers, and we can only hope that the rest of the answers will emerge in time. Astronomers from a thousand, a hundred, or even 10 years ago would have given anything to have the knowledge of the universe that we have today. It would be a shame for us to take for granted the awesome wealth of knowledge that we've obtained about the universe."

My activities

"I realized Bucknell needed an Astronomy Club while being a teaching assistant for the Astronomy 101 night labs. The focus of the labs was to introduce students to the night sky and the science behind it. I noticed that a number of students had a real passion for astronomy, and were looking for more opportunities to learn about the subject and to simply enjoy the beauty behind the stars. I knew that having an Astronomy Club on campus would be the best way to create these opportunities for the Bucknell community. We now host observing nights at the Observatory one night a month, and the events are open to students, faculty, and even the locals. It feels great to be able to explore my passion while helping others discover it in themselves."

Posted Sept. 2, 2010


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