"Pretty much any computerized electronic problem people have now, a computer science major can write up a program that can fix their problems."

Why Bucknell?

"The first time I found out about Bucknell, one of the football coaches was in the weight room at my high school, and he introduced himself. Before that, I had never heard of Bucknell. So we set up an official visit, and I came and I looked around. I took the tour and talked to some of the professors. Since about sophomore year in high school I knew I wanted to be in computer science, so I ended up talking to one of the computer science professors here and they talked about how good the program was and how if you get a computer science degree at Bucknell you can do pretty much anything in the field you want.

"Then I went home and talked to teachers and other people and learned more about Bucknell. It seems like I may have been the only one in the town who's never heard of the school because everyone told me, 'It's a really great academic school and you should go there if you get the chance.

"When I visited, I thought it was a really beautiful campus, and I really liked that it was a small campus. When you come from Pennsylvania, the places you typically tour are Penn State and Pitt, and those are just too big for me. I don't want to take a 20-minute shuttle across campus to go to class. I can walk everywhere on campus now in 20 minutes, and I really like that. And I liked the people. There was a more homey feel to the people than the other places I visited."

My Major

"I have always been interested in computer stuff and video games, so when I get out of college I want to do something like software engineering or making programs for a company. Pretty much any computerized electronic problem people have now, a computer science major can write up a program that can fix their problems. Everything runs on computer programs now: microwaves, clocks. I just thought it would be interesting to work with something that is so well integrated into human life.

"I might minor in classics. I like learning about the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans and learning about how they thought of the world. Philosophers are a big interest, too."

My Activities

"Outside of class, football. I just like going out there and playing. I've loved the game ever since I was a little kid, watching it on TV with my dad, and it was something I always wanted to get into. So in high school I just started playing football and never looked back." 

Andre is from Greensburg, Pa.

Posted Dec. 13, 2010

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