• If someone forces you to have sex against your will, or has sex with you while you are unconscious or unable to consent, this is rape and a criminal offense.
  • If someone touches you for sexual purposes, without your consent, this is sexual assault and a criminal offense.
  • You have a legal and moral right to press criminal charges or internal charges (through the University judicial system) or both.
  • You may pursue internal University charges confidentially through Public Safety or the Division of Student Affairs. Your name and the details of the incident will be kept confidential.
  • Remember, you are not responsible for the unwelcome acts of others. It is never okay to force or coerce others into sex.

More Facts

  • Over eighty percent of all rapes and sexual assaults on campus involve victims and perpetrators who are intoxicated and who knew each other. The victim often trusts the perpetrator.
  • The reoccurring characteristics (warning signs) associated with campus rape and sexual assault are:
    -- They occur at weekend parties.
    -- The woman is an underclass student, unfamiliar with alcohol and her surroundings.
    -- The woman has not made arrangements with friends to travel together or "look out" for each other at parties.
    -- The woman often goes to the perpetrator's room or her room, alone, not suspecting that this isolation can put her at risk.
  • Some forms of sexual contact such as kissing, hugging, and touching may be mutually welcome, but sometimes the offender interprets this behavior as consent to go further.

To Avoid Sexual Assault

  • Know your limits and communicate them clearly and firmly.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid secluded places, especially with someone you don't know well.
  • Have a safety plan and avoid men who display controlling behavior and don't respect your limits. Although victims are never responsible for being assaulted, there are precautions you can take to lower your risk.
  • If you are sexually assaulted, contact the Department of Public Safety, the University JASA, or your Hall Resident Assistant immediately. The University has specially trained personnel to interview and counsel students who have been the victims of any type of sexual harassment or sexual assault. All such interactions are kept confidential.

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