Courses offered by the Italian Studies program that count toward the minor include all courses at the ITAL 102 level or above. One credit toward the minor will be granted for ITAL 101 A. All additional courses counting toward the major can be counted toward the minor as well.

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Elementary Italian I (I and II; 4, 0)

Beginning language skills, practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing; elementary grammar; and introduction to Italian culture.


Intensive Elementary Italian (II; 4, 2) One and a half course.

Intensive practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Italian. Introduction to Italian culture. Successful completion meets the prerequisite for ITAL 103.


Elementary Italian II (I or II; 4, 0)

Continuation of language skills. Practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Introduction to Italian culture. Prerequisite: ITAL 101 or equivalent.


Intermediate Italian I (I; 4, 0)

Review and expansion of language skills and cultural knowledge of Italy. Prerequisite: ITAL 102 or equivalent.


Intermediate Italian II: Italian Civilization (II; 4, 0)

Continuing review of grammar emphasizing all four skills. Focus on civilization. Prerequisite: ITAL 103 or equivalent.


202. Intermediate Italian Conversation I and II (I and II; R; 2, 0) Half courses.

Concentration on development of speaking skills. Conducted in Italian by native speaker. Each course can be counted only once toward the minor. Prerequisite or corequisite: ITAL 104 or equivalent.


Discovering Italy (I; R; 3, 0)

Introduction to Italian culture. Intensive practice in speaking and writing Italian. Prerequisite: ITAL 104 or equivalent.


Exploring Italian Studies (II; 3, 0)

Examination of the major literary genres. Focus on developing a critical approach to the reading of texts. Prerequisite or corequisite: ITAL 104 or equivalent.


Love and Politics (AI or AII; 3, 0)

Survey of major Italian writers from Middle Ages and Renaissance with reference to contemporary visual arts and music.


Introduction to Italian Cinema (II; 3, 3)

Survey of Italian cinema from the silent era to the present. Discussion of major Italian cinematic movements and genres within the context of history, politics, and culture.


Topics in Italian Studies (II; 3, 0)

Study of topics in Italian culture, literature, and/or civilization. Prerequisite: ITAL 101 or equivalent.


IL Mezzogiorno: Culture of Southern Italy (AI; 3, 3)

Study of the culture and society of southern Italy. Sources of inquiry include literature, film, and music. Prerequisite: ITAL 104.


Corsets and Curses (AII; 3, 0)

This course aims at exploring the contributions of Italian women writers, musicians and filmmakers to Italian culture in different cities. It will take into account different time periods and will relate them to give a complete picture of Italian feminist thought. Prerequisite: ITAL 104.


Independent Study (I or II; R) Half to full course.

Subject to be selected by student in consultation with the instructor. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.


Advanced Topics in Italian Studies (I; R; 3, 0)

Advanced study of themes or topics in Italian culture, literature and/or civilization.


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