Coordinator: Eric Faden

Film is one of the 20th and 21st centuries' major cultural forms and its study has become an important part of a modern humanities education. The interdepartmental minor in Film Studies helps students appreciate and understand the cinematic medium and its impact as a cultural and artistic force. This interdepartmental minor represents a rich and diverse program that explores the 20th and 21st centuries' most popular art form in the larger context of humanistic studies. The minor rigorously engages moving-image culture, teaching students to think historically, theoretically, and analytically about a wide range of cinematic forms. Simultaneously, the Film Studies minor encourages students to examine moving images from the vantage point of other disciplines.

The interdepartmental minor in Film Studies is an innovative, interdisciplinary program. It merges a broad range of courses that include the study of national cinemas, film in history, cinema’s relation to both visual arts and literature, women and film, experimental film, popular film, and writing in, about, and through film. The program acquaints students with a variety of perspectives in film studies, sharpens their analytical skills, and enhances a critical appreciation of film culture in historical and social contexts. This interdepartmental minor in Film Studies ideally complements any major concentration in the humanities or the social sciences.

The interdepartmental minor in Film Studies requires at least five courses selected from the list below:

  • ENGL 130 Introduction to Film/Media Studies. This course provides a solid foundation for future studies of film. It acquaints students with cinema’s development in the late 19th century to contemporary Hollywood and discusses major film genres and forms. 
  • Three courses selected from the following: ENGL 231 Pre- and Early Cinema, ENGL 232 Film History I, ENGL 233 Film History II, ENGL 234 National Cinemas, or ENGL 238 Special Topics in Film Studies; other courses on European, Russian, and Asian cinemas that expose students to other national film cultures such as: ANTH/EAST 247 Japanese Film as Anthropology, FREN 255 Introduction to French Cinema, GRMN 251 Achtung Kamera, ITAL 250 Introduction to Italian Cinema, and RUSS 225 Russian Cinema: From the Revolution to Repentance. Also, courses on the relationship between film and literature, art, religion, and/or politics such as ARST 340 Multimedia and Installation Art, ENGL 235 Gender and Film, ENGL 258 Shakespeare and Film, ECON 280 Political Economy of Media and Advertising, or RELI 203 Hinduism and Film.
  • One course selected from the following courses taught at Bucknell: ENGL 332 Film and Technology, ENGL 336 Film Genres and Auteurs, ENGL 337 Film Theory, or ENGL 339 Special Topic in Film Studies.

Students can propose to include another relevant course by consulting with and obtaining approval from the coordinator of this minor. Students interested in pursuing a Film Studies major can do so through the English Department's concentration in Film/Media Studies.



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