A number of students at Bucknell University have physical, psychological, health, sensory, or learning disabilities. Some students come well aware of their particular needs, while others discover them as they progress through the university. Students with identified disabilities have been admitted to Bucknell University by the same criteria as other students and they have met the same rigorous standards for admission.

It is important to know that although Bucknell University is committed to providing a strong support system for students with disabilities, we do not have special classes or a remedial specialist on staff. However, we are committed to ensuring reasonable accommodations to all students who are diagnosed with disabilities (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992).

It is the responsibility of students with disabilities to idenifty themselves to the appropriate Associate Dean, to provide documentation of their disability, including an assessment of needs, and to discuss the types of accommodations that they may need. Given the many types, dimensions and complexities of disabilities, reasonable accommodations will be determined on an individual basis and shall be worked out with the assistance of the Associate Dean in consultation with the student, faculty members, and/or university staff. To provide the most appropriate services, the university reserves the right to review the diagnosis provided by the student and may suggest that a new or updated diagnosis be provided by the student.



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