May 11, 2015, BY Heather Johns

L to R: Melissa Gonzales '15, Will Persing '15, President John Bravman and Colin Hassell '15
L to R: Melissa Gonzales '15, Will Persing '15, President John Bravman and Colin Hassell '15

Each year, the graduating class bestows a gift on Bucknell University as a token of their time here and a sign of what they hope for the University's future. Many have made an already lovely campus even lovelier. 

The tribute presented to Bucknell by the Class of 2015 is a little different in both purpose and practicality. Though it doesn't enhance the University's outward beauty, it represents a commitment to sustainability on the part of Bucknell, its students and alumni.

"We selected the ECOScreen as our tribute as we felt it best encapsulated the core values of a senior tribute under the umbrella of sustainability," said Colin Hassell, senior class president.

The touch-screen monitor tracks energy usage in 17 buildings across campus and displays the information in a user-friendly way. The ECOScreen demonstrates many sustainable practices on campus, particularly those using energy-efficient technology.

It's located in the Kenneth Langone Athletic and Recreation Center lobby — an area accessible to campus and the local community.

"Bucknell continues to invest in efficiency, and the ECOScreen helps educate us on how energy gets used and how much of it. Our progress can now easily be measured by the community," said Campus Energy Manager Steve Durfee. "Increasing our knowledge will boost energy awareness, which is vital to building a culture of sustainability."

"Although our gift is somewhat unconventional, our Class Congress saw the long-term value of the ECOScreen," explained Hassell. "As the campus continues to grow and time passes, we hope that this technology will not only serve as a useful energy management system, but also as an educational tool which can be used by all Bucknellians."

The Class of 2015 tribute continues the focus on sustainability first shared by the Class of 2014, which presented an array of solar panels to the University.

"This tribute signifies the passion with which Bucknellians have embraced the concept of sustainability, one of six University initiatives identified in the WE DO Campaign," said President John Bravman. "We truly appreciate this forward-thinking, unique tribute from the Class of 2015."

"The Class of 2015 is pleased to partner with the University's initiatives through programming that will extend beyond the classroom to set the standard for a more sustainable Bucknell," said Hassell.